Review 2023: Pricing & Features Review 2023: Pricing & Features
ReviewTechnology Review 2023: Pricing & Features

Who doesn’t like good-quality audio in their content? Everyone does, right?

I’m a professional blogger with experience of six years in blog writing and content creation. I work in the review writing niche i.e. I test different products and tools and write about them to inform people whether they are worthy of their attention or not. 

Today, I have encountered a mesmerizing audio-enhancing AI tool that helps content creators like YouTubers, Podcasters, musicians, TickTokers, etc. enhance their audio and voice recordings. 

First, I will introduce the tool, describe its working and features, and lastly, I will share my honest reviews based on its workability, features, and results. 

So, with a further ado let’s get into this review!

What is is an AI voice enhancer. It uses AI algorithms to quickly improve the quality of any audio. This AI voice enhancer works in four different ways including improving the audio as a whole, reducing the noises, clarifying the speech, and fixing levels of loudness, frequency, pitch, etc. 

How Does it Work? is a professional voice enhancer tool with a simple interface that is easy to handle. This tool provides quality results within a short span of time and without active human involvement. The steps to use an AI audio enhancer are provided below:

Open the Tool:

There are many tools with names like audio enhancer but the tool under discussion today is (just hit the link to visit and don’t get confused). 

Once you open the link, you’ll see a dialogue box where you can upload the media file. The media file should not be larger than 50 MB and the duration of audio should not exceed 5 minutes. 

Upload Your Audio:

Click on the “ADD FILE” button and select the media file from your computer. 

Select the Enhancement Type:

Now select the enhancement type. There are four types of enhancements available by the audio enhancer AI:

  1. Improve the quality – it fixes the sound quality of audio as a whole. 
  2. Reduce the background noise – it targets the background noise and eliminates it to enhance audio. 
  3. Clean up the speech – it clarifies the speech sound and makes it sound better and clearer. 
  4. Fix the loudness and levels – it fixes different sound qualities like loudness, frequency, pitch, etc. 

Select the Content Type:

Now select the content type, the content type option is a unique quality of this audio enhancer AI. It enhances the audio according to the provided content. Every type of content sounds different from others thus this AI sound enhancer improves the audio by keeping in view its content type. Nine different content type options are available by the AI audio Improver. 

Select the Content Type
Select the Content Type

Enhance the Voice:

Click on the “Enhance Media” button and wait for a few minutes. The tool will process and improve your audio. 

Enhance the Voice
Enhance the Voice


The downloaded audio will appear in the dialogue box, play the audio, and observe the difference. You will hear significant sound improvement in your audio file.


Once you are satisfied click on the three dots menu bar and press the “download” button and it will be downloaded to your PC. 


I think these steps are super simple even for tech noob like me. Moreover, the quality of the sound after improvement really surprised me. 

What are the Features of

This AI voice enhancer has many features which I found notable. I’m mentioning these features below:

Artificial Intelligibility:

This audio improver is powered by AI technology. It has intelligence like humans so it can distinguish between speech sounds and noises. It works by removing the noises and enhancing the speech sounds. 

Noise Reduction:

There are 4 different types of noises in any audio i.e. continuous noises, impulsive noise, intermittent noise, and low-frequency noise. This voice enhancer can effectively remove all these 4 types of noises from the audio without losing the speech sounds. 

Speech Clarity:

The speech sounds can merge together when humans are talking continuously thus they may sound different from their actual speech. Sometimes words or phrases may be unclear and incomprehensible, thus this tool clarifies the speech and makes it sound better and more understandable. 

Voice Enhancement:

The speech sounds are readily enhanced by the audio enhancer AI. It fixes the ups and downs of the voice in such a way that the whole audio sounds equal and balanced.  

 Musical improvement:

The musical sounds and lyrics can also be improved using the AI audio enhancer. Yeah! Good news for all freelance musicians who are trying to build their name in the field of symphonies. 

Simple interface:

This AI audio enhancer is a simple and user-friendly tool. It has a super simple interface and users with low technical skills can use it without encountering any difficulty.

Online and Review 2023: Pricing & Features

This is an online tool. It is free of cost, you don’t have to spend money to use it or buy any subscription. Moreover, you can use it anonymously without making any account. I personally don’t like to make accounts on different platforms, so this tool is surely great software for me. 

Time Saver:

Manual editing of the audio, or manual enhancement takes hours because users have to actively fix the audio by themselves. This is not the case for this AI voice enhancer because this AI tool works on its own and the user doesn’t have to participate actively in the enhancement process. 

I guess all these features are pretty amazing and the fact that all these features are available for free makes it sound even cooler. 

Review – Is it a Worthy Gadget?

So, let’s come back to our topic, is worthy or not?

I find it pretty awesome and better than many paid AI audio enhancers on the internet. It is because I have tried so many tools but never found a tool that would give AI services for free. After using the tool for enhancement I think it worked really well, I uploaded a super noisy audio and it fixed the audio completely and enhanced the speech sounds. I like its features, some of these features are even available in paid AI voice enhancers. 

Thus, to sum up this conversation, is actually a great tool to enhance your audio experience. 

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