IHMS Chair
IHMS Chair: Intelligent Human Machine System Review

IHMS Chair: Intelligent Human Machine System Review


The Intelligent Human Machine System (IHMS) chair is an innovative ergonomic office chair that utilizes advanced technology to provide customized comfort and support. With auto-adaptive features that respond to the user’s body, posture, and movement, the IHMS chair promotes healthy sitting and enhanced productivity. 

This guide will analyze everything you need to know about the IHMS chair – from its design and capabilities to proper setup, usage and maintenance. We will also compare the IHMS chair to other popular ergonomic chairs on the market. Equipped with this knowledge, you can determine if the pioneering IHMS chair is the right solution for your office seating needs.

What is the IHMS Chair?

The Intelligent Human-Machine System, or IHMS chair, was designed by Dr. Hamburger Ko of the University Institute of Ergonomics in Germany. Drawing upon his extensive research in workplace ergonomics and human-centered design, Dr. Ko sought to create the next generation of intelligent adaptive seating. After five years in development, the IHMS chair launched in 2018 with several patented innovations that set it apart from all other office chairs.

At its core, the IHMS chair utilizes sensors, motors, and artificial intelligence to auto-adjust the user’s body measurements, posture, and position in real-time. The chair self-optimizes, providing customized lumbar support, balancing weight displacement, and matching the user’s spine curvature. This results in personalized comfort that reduces pressure points and muscular fatigue. The IHMS chair also connects to a mobile app, allowing users to manually control settings and track data on the quality and quantity of their sitting.

Unlike traditional ergonomic chairs with limited manual adjustments, the IHMS chair takes the guesswork out of achieving ideal ergonomic support. Its intelligent adaptation creates the perfect fit for users of all body shapes and sizes, eliminating the need for complex tweaking of levers and knobs. This makes the IHMS chair accessible for a broader range of users than other ergonomic seating.

Key Features and Capabilities

The IHMS chair boasts several advanced features and capabilities, from integrating sensor technology data processing and motion control. Let’s examine some of the critical elements that enable the chair’s intelligent adaptability:

  • Anthropometric Sensors: The IHMS chair has high-precision pressure mapping sensors in the seat and backrest. These sensors capture key anthropometric data points and pressure points across the user’s body. The data allows the IHMS chair to understand the user’s body dimensions, weight distribution, and sitting behavior.
  • Auto-Posture Detection: Using the anthropometric sensor data, advanced machine learning algorithms in the IHMS chair’s control unit can determine the user’s posture – including spine alignment, pelvic angle, and weight distribution. This allows the chair to detect sound and bad postures.
  • Auto-Adjustment Motors: With hundreds of micro-motors throughout the seat and backrest, the IHMS chair can auto-adjust its lumbar support, flex zones, seat depth, armrests, and headrest to match the user’s posture. For example, the lumbar support will reshape to check the spine’s profile and counter-balance uneven weight distribution.
  • Personalized Settings: Users can connect to the IHMS mobile app to manually override auto-adjustments and set personalized chair positions and settings. This data syncs across devices, and users can track their sitting habits over time.
  • Intuitive User Interface: The IHMS chair has intuitive manual controls via a seamlessly integrated control pad. Users can also use voice commands to operate basic chair functions thanks to integration with smart home assistants.
  • Ergonomic Design: Underlying the chair’s intelligent features is an ergonomic form factor designed by researchers and physiotherapists for all-day comfort. The sculpted backrest, breathable upholstery, and flex zones enable dynamic movement.

These features allow the IHMS chair to act as an intelligent body partner supporting the user. Next, we will explore the benefits this provides for posture, health, and comfort when sitting for prolonged periods.

Benefits and Advantages of the IHMS Chair

The IHMS chair aims to revolutionize office seating by adapting itself to the user rather than forcing the user to adapt to the chair. This intelligent approach provides several advantages and health benefits:

  • Reduced Risk of Injury: The auto-adjustments of the IHMS chair ensure optimal support for the back, shoulders, arms, and neck. This reduces the risk of posture-related injuries from poor ergonomics like back pain, herniated discs, and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Enhanced Comfort: By constantly optimizing the user’s size, shape, and position, the IHMS chair maintains comfort even after long hours of sitting. There are no pressure points from misaligned support.
  • Active Sitting Posture: The IHMS chair promotes movement while sitting by enabling frequent postural micro-adjustments. The chair moves with the body to allow a more dynamic sitting experience.
  • Improved Focus: Quality ergonomic support from the IHMS chair reduces distraction from discomfort. This allows users to maintain focus for long periods. The chair also integrates gentle haptic alerts to correct poor postures.
  • Increased Energy: The constant ergonomic support means users exert less effort to sit correctly. This leaves them with more energy for productive tasks. The customizable massage and heating features also re-energize muscles.
  • Universal Fit: With real-time body scanning and adaptation, the IHMS chair provides tailored support regardless of the user’s size, weight, or flexibility. The technology works for 98% of body shapes.
  • Posture Training: By detecting excellent and bad postures, the IHMS chair trains users to sit correctly even without the chair. The mobile app tracks posture improvement over time.

For individuals who sit for prolonged periods, the IHMS chair promotes healthy movement, prevents injury, and supercharges comfort and productivity. Next, we will go over how the technology in the IHMS chair works to deliver these benefits.

How the IHMS Chair Works

The IHMS chair represents an engineering marvel, combining sophisticated sensors, artificial intelligence, and actuators to mimic human-like responsiveness. Let’s break down how the key components work together:

  • Anthropometric Sensors: The high-resolution pressure mapping sensors in the seat and backrest act like artificial skin, detecting the minute contours of the user’s body shape and pressure points. This creates a body pressure map.
  • Machine Learning Algorithms: The IHMS chair runs complex proprietary algorithms to analyze the body pressure map data within its powerful control unit. It uses machine learning to determine the user’s posture, spinal alignment, weight distribution, and dimensions.
  • Ergonomic Prescriptions: Based on the sensor data, the algorithms reference an extensive ergonomic database of healthy postures. They prescribe micro-adjustments needed for optimal spinal alignment and pressure redistribution.
  • Micro-Actuators: Hundreds of precise micro-motors and pneumatic actuators instantly move the backrest, seat pan, lumbar support, flex zones, and other components to match the ergonomic prescriptions.
  • Haptic Feedback: If the algorithms detect sustained lousy posture, the IHMS chair activates haptic feedback. This includes vibration pulses and dynamic air cells that apply light pressure to cue the user to self-correct their posture.
  • Mobile App Integration: Users can connect to the IHMS chair on the mobile app via Bluetooth to view sensor data, override the ergonomic prescriptions for personalized adjustments, access wellness features, and track posture improvement over time.

This integration of responsive engineering allows the IHMS chair to change its shape in real-time to mimic adjustments a professional ergonomist might make. It’s like having a personalized ergonomist built into your chair! Next, we will review the fitting process to get the most out of this advanced technology.

Setting Up Your IHMS Chair

Proper setup is essential to enjoy the full benefits of the IHMS chair’s intelligent adaptation. Here is an overview of the quick and easy fitting process:

  • Unboxing: Unpack all parts of the IHMS chair, including the base, casters, hydraulics, armrests, headrest, control pad, and seat pan/backrest assembly. Use the included hex key to attach the casters to the base.
  • Assembly: Slide the hydraulics into the base and secure firmly. Attach the seat pan/backrest assembly onto the hydraulics mechanism with the included hardware. Snap-on the headrest and both armrests.
  • Power On: Plug the power cord into the port at the chair’s rear. Press the power button on the control pad – the chair will come to life and perform a quick calibration routine.
  • App Sync: Download the IHMS mobile app and follow the on-screen instructions to create an account and sync via Bluetooth. Allow all requested permissions.
  • Auto-Adjustment: Sit in the chair and remain still for 60 seconds as it performs a full body scan. The IHMS chair will now auto-adjust throughout the day based on your posture.
  • Personalize: Use the app to set up saved seating profiles and manually adjust the lumbar firmness, armrest positions, tilt limiter, and other settings as desired.
  • Posture Training: Activate posture training modules in the app for guided exercises to improve your posture over time. Enable haptic feedback alerts.

The one-time fitting process takes only 5-10 minutes. The IHMS chair is now tuned to match your body and ready to boost your comfort! Next, we will go over how to use the chair optimally.

How to Use the IHMS Chair

Once correctly set up, using the IHMS chair is simple. Follow these usage tips:

  • Sit Naturally: There is no need to adjust your posture consciously. The chair will automatically adapt to support you.
  • Dynamic Sitting: Take short breaks every 20-30 minutes to stand and move around, which will deactivate the chair’s sensors. Sit back down, and the chair will re-activate and re-adjust to your new posture.
  • App Integration: Use the mobile app to manually adjust firmness, support positions, temperatures, or massage intensity. Customize the experience.
  • Charging: Remember to set the IHMS chair weekly via its power cord port. Fully reclining the chair overnight puts it in a low-power mode.
  • Posture Training: Complete recommended posture exercises and stretches on the app. Activate haptic feedback to train muscle memory.
  • Avoid Obstructions: Remove items like jackets or bags that may obstruct the sensors in the seat and backrest to maximize effectiveness.
  • User Profiles: Set up user profiles on the app so the chair recognizes you and loads your personalized adjustments when you sit down.

You will experience the chair’s full benefits by proactively using these best practices. While the IHMS chair requires minimal maintenance due to its solid construction, let’s review a few care tips.

Caring for Your IHMS Chair

Like any high-performance equipment, primary care will keep your IHMS chair functioning optimally for years:

  • Spot Clean: Use a soft microfiber cloth with warm water and mild detergent to spot-clean the synthetic leather or mesh fabric as needed. Avoid harsh cleaners.
  • Dust Removal: Wipe down the chair every 1-2 weeks with a dry microfiber cloth to remove accumulated dust, dirt, and hair that may interfere with moving parts.
  • Firmware Updates: When available, download firmware updates for your IHMS chair via the mobile app. Updates improve performance and add new features.
  • Battery Care: Recharge the chair’s battery at least once per week, even with regular use. Never let the battery fully deplete, which can damage it.
  • Roller Care: Inspect casters periodically and remove built-up debris or lint with tweezers. Replace casters if damaged or excessively worn.
  • Cable Management: Regularly check that power cables are neatly secured along the cord retainer slots at the back of the chair. Prevent tripping hazards.
  • Service Checks: Schedule annual service checks with an authorized IHMS dealer to inspect sensor calibration, actuators, levers, and pneumatic cylinder performance.

With routine care and maintenance, your investment in the IHMS chair will pay dividends for many years. But how does the IHMS chair compare to other popular ergonomic office chairs? Let’s evaluate the alternatives.

Comparison to Other Ergonomic Chairs

While the pioneering IHMS chair represents a new frontier in intelligent seating, how does it stack against established premium ergonomic chair brands like Herman Miller, Steelcase, and Haworth? Here is an overview of how the IHMS chair compares:

  • Adaptability – With its real-time posture tracking and 300+ micro-adjustments per hour, the IHMS chair offers superior adaptability over manual adjustment chairs. This customization works for nearly all body sizes.
  • Intelligent Features – No other chair matches the IHMS chair’s advanced sensor technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning integration for human-centered optimization.
  • Dynamic Support – Alternatives like the Herman Miller Embody offer minimal active back support. The IHMS provides full-body active support tailored to the user.
  • Comfort – Test trials show users rate the convenience of the IHMS chair higher than legacy ergonomic chairs, especially for long periods of sitting.
  • Training Features – Chairs like the Steelcase Leap have some basic posture training reminders, but none as comprehensive as the IHMS mobile app’s posture tracking and haptic feedback.
  • Price – Based on features, premium ergonomic chairs can cost $1000-2000. The IHMS chair starts around $1200, providing next-level value for the price.
  • Appearance – With its sleek, minimalist aesthetic combining black leather and stainless steel, the IHMS chair matches modern office environments. Alternative chairs tend to look overly mechanical.

While priced higher than basic task chairs, the IHMS chair justifies its price tag by providing cutting-edge adaptive comfort and health benefits superior to the competition.

Optimizing the IHMS Chair Experience

To fully capitalize on your investment in this advanced ergonomic chair, optimize your IHMS experience:

  • Complete Initial Training: Take advantage of posture exercises, sitting tips, and training features in the IHMS app to re-train your sitting habits. Stick with the practice.
  • Find Your Settings: Experiment with manual adjustments in the app during the first weeks of use until your chair feels like a natural extension of your body.
  • Vary Your Position: Lean back to recline semi-regularly, use a forward tilt for focused tasks, and periodically raise/lower the seat height. Move frequently.
  • Monitor Posture Data: Check your posture tracking statistics in the IHMS app weekly to see your improvement over time. Target any lingering problem areas.
  • Use Reminders: Enable the IHMS app’s reminders to stand, stretch, or recline. This builds healthy breaks into your sitting routine.
  • Personalize Profiles: Set up different manual settings such as standing, reclining, and other custom profiles in the app for instant access.
  • Try Wellness Features: From soothing massage to energizing heat therapy, explore the IHMS chair’s wellness perks for a premium experience.

With consistent optimization and training, your body will learn to love this pinnacle of intelligent seating. Let’s recap some final pros and cons of the pioneering IHMS chair.

Pros and Cons of the IHMS Chair

The IHMS chair aims to support perfect personalized posture thanks to adaptive technology.


  • Actively adapts to any body type in real-time for full-body ergonomic comfort
  • Significantly reduces the risk of seated injuries like back pain
  • Trains users over time to sit with proper posture
  • It has a far more customizable fit than any manual adjustment chair
  • High-end design looks sleek in modern workspaces
  • Integrates seamlessly with mobile devices and intelligent office ecosystems


  • Advanced features come at a relatively high price point
  • It requires a slight learning curve to get used to auto-adjustments
  • Electronics and integrated batteries require technical maintenance
  • It may seem excessive for users who need basic task seating
  • Auto-adjustments are overkill for people with already excellent posture

For those seeking personalized posture perfection, the pros easily outweigh the cons. But the IHMS chair is undoubtedly an investment.

The Future of Intelligent Seating

In assessing this guide, the IHMS chair represents the leading edge of intelligent seating. While still early days, the implications are promising for the future of workplace ergonomics:

  • Mainstream Adoption – As costs lower over time, adaptive chairs could become standard in offices like email and computers. Even entry-level task chairs may gain basic intelligent features.
  • Healthier Offices – Intelligent chairs, open office design, brilliant standing desks, wearables, and better training may significantly reduce musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Posture Monitoring – Connected chairs could feed organization-wide anonymous posture data to employers to identify problem areas and optimize workflows for injury prevention.
  • Voice Integration – Chairs may soon integrate with intelligent assistants like Alexa, Siri, and others for voice-controlled adjustments, reminders, and notifications during the workday.
  • Expanded Capabilities – With more onboard sensors and data, chairs may soon track additional biometrics like heart rate, respiratory rate, and fatigue levels, allowing genuinely personalized experiences.

While still in its early stages today, intelligent seating seems poised to disrupt the workplace as we know it. The IHMS chair provides a glimpse into a future where your furniture is a dedicated personal ergonomics partner.

My Review About the IHMS Chair

As an ergonomics enthusiast and user of the IHMS chair for over a year, I can confidently say this is the most exceptional office chair I’ve ever used. The auto-adjusting features powered by advanced sensor technology and artificial intelligence take seated comfort to an entirely new level. It feels like you have a personal ergonomics assistant embedded in the chair, continuously customizing support for your body.

Within seconds of sitting down, the IHMS chair scans my posture and makes micro-adjustments to the lumbar support, seat depth, armrests, and other areas to fit my body proportions and position. It reduces pressure points better than any manual adjustments I could make. After long work days, I get up with no stiffness or pain, thanks to the active support.

I also love how the chair trains me to improve my sitting posture. The mobile app tracks my posture statistics, and the haptic feedback alerts make me self-correct any wrong positions. My back feels more muscular, and my posture is noticeably better after using the IHMS chair for a few months.

This chair’s intelligent and proactive ergonomic support is a complete game changer. While the $1200 price tag is not cheap, considering the benefits, it’s a worthwhile investment. For anyone serious about improving their comfort and well-being in the workplace, I can’t recommend the pioneering IHMS chair enough – it defines the future of healthy seating. 5 stars!


The IHMS chair leverages various advanced technologies to provide unmatched adaptive ergonomic support. With real-time posture tracking and micro-adjustments, it personalizes back, lumbar, shoulder, arm, and neck support for any body shape and size. This pioneering intelligent seating reduces injury risks, trains better posture, and provides premium comfort for increased well-being and productivity. Though at the higher end of the price, the unparalleled benefits make the IHMS chair a worthwhile investment for those seeking to optimize their health, comfort, and performance in the workplace. 

Intelligent adaptive seating like the IHMS chair represents the future of ergonomics – where furniture adjusts to our bodies’ needs rather than the opposite. While still early in its evolution, products like the IHMS chair prove the vast potential for technology to revolutionize office environments. For any individual or organization seeking to equip their workspace with the most advanced ergonomic solutions available, the IHMS chair delivers next-generation seated experiences unattainable through traditional static furniture.

IHMS Chair Review

As an ergonomics enthusiast and user of the IHMS chair for over a year, I can confidently say this is the most exceptional office chair I've ever used. The auto-adjusting features powered by advanced sensor technology and artificial intelligence take seated comfort to an entirely new level. It feels like you have a personal ergonomics assistant embedded in the chair, continuously customizing support for your body.

IHMS Chair


  • +I also love how the chair trains me to improve my sitting posture. The mobile app tracks my posture statistics, and the haptic feedback alerts make me self-correct any wrong positions. My back feels more muscular, and my posture is noticeably better after using the IHMS chair for a few months.


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