Keiser Blackboard_ Opening its Learning Power
Keiser Blackboard_ Opening its Learning Power

Keiser Blackboard: Opening its Learning Power

Keiser University has adopted Blackboard Learn, one of the leading online learning management systems (LMS), as the platform that powers its Keiser Blackboard environment. This powerful virtual classroom solution provides many features and functionalities to enhance learning and improve outcomes for Keiser University’s diverse community of students and educators.

This article explores Keiser Blackboard in-depth, providing key information on what it is, why it is useful, how to access it, tips for success, troubleshooting advice, and alternative options worth considering.

An Introduction to Keiser Blackboard

What is Keiser Blackboard?

Keiser Blackboard refers to the customized instance of Blackboard Learn implemented by Keiser University across its programs. It is a feature-rich virtual classroom environment where students and instructors can interact and collaborate seamlessly.

Blackboard Learn is an advanced online learning platform developed by Blackboard Inc., one of the world’s leading educational technology providers. It is designed to provide a personalized and engaging learning experience through interactive tools, multimedia content, assessments, peer collaboration, and more.

Over 150 million users across 80 countries use Blackboard to power innovative education programs and boost learning outcomes.

Why Choose Keiser Blackboard?

Keiser Blackboard offers significant advantages over traditional learning models:

  • Accessibility – Available 24/7 through desktop and mobile devices
  • Continuity – No disruption to learning during emergencies or shifting conditions
  • Convenience – Learn anytime, anywhere at your own pace
  • Cost Savings – Eliminates textbooks, commuting, and other expenses
  • Collaboration – Interactive communication with instructors and peers
  • Customization – Caters to different learning styles and preferences

With strong capabilities across all aspects of online course facilitation, grade management, and student engagement, Keiser Blackboard fosters more productive and rewarding learning experiences.

Getting Access to Keiser Blackboard

Keiser Blackboard can be easily accessed through:

The Keiser University Website

  • Go to
  • Click the Blackboard Learn icon on the top right of the homepage
  • Login with student credentials

The Student Portal

  • Go to
  • Click the Blackboard Learn link on the left sidebar
  • Login with student credentials

Mobile App

  • Download the Blackboard Learn app
  • Search for Keiser University
  • Login with student credentials

First-time users need to activate their account through the emailed Keiser University credentials. This handy guide covers the basics of getting started.

Key Features and Tools of Keiser Blackboard

Keiser Blackboard equips students and educators with robust features and tools to enable engaging and effective learning experiences.

Course Content & Resources

Instructors can share essential course materials like syllabi, readings, presentations, videos, and more to keep students informed. Content can be made visible/hidden as needed throughout the course.

Announcements & Email

Instructors can create announcements on the course homepage to notify students of important updates. Email integration enables announcements and reminders to be directly sent to student inboxes.

Assignments & SafeAssign

The assignments tool allows instructors to create tasks, set due dates, upload reference material, and specify grading criteria. Students can submit work digitally for evaluation.

SafeAssign detects unoriginal content in student submissions by comparing it against various databases to uphold academic integrity.

Online Assessments

Instructors can create practice tests, quizzes, and exams, enabling settings like timed responses, multi-attempt, auto-grading, and more. These online assessments promote self-evaluation and flexibility.

Grade Center

This centralized hub offers a granular view of student grades across various assessments and activities, with options to customize grading schemes. Automatic grade aggregation helps instructors evaluate performance.

Discussion Forums

Interactive online discussion forums promote student collaboration through threaded conversations around course topics or questions posed by instructors and peers.

Journals & Blogs

Students can document their learning progress, share reflections, post drafts to request feedback, and more through private journals or public blogs.

Virtual Classroom Sessions

Instructors can schedule and conduct live teaching sessions, webinars, and office hours using the built-in Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing tool. Sessions can also be recorded.

Analytics & Reports

Instructors gain data-driven insight into student engagement, performance, and outcomes and can leverage it to provide support interventions to at-risk learners by tracking their activity and progress.

Best Practices for Student Success

Keiser Blackboard may involve adapting to new ways of learning for some students.

Here are five proven practices that set students up for success:

  1. Develop Time Management Skills
  • Set a weekly schedule with coursework blocks
  • Complete assignments on time
  • Review materials often
  • Actively Participate
  • Engage in discussions
  • Ask questions
  • Share relevant resources
  • Practice New Skills
  • Attempt practice tests
  • Redo incorrect answers
  • Verify solutions
  • Reflect on Performance
  • Review grades and feedback
  • Identify weaknesses
  • Change approach accordingly
  • Collaborate with Peers
  • Join study groups
  • Exchange notes and ideas
  • Provide learning support

These key success practices will lead to more positive and rewarding learning experiences via Keiser Blackboard.

Troubleshooting Common Keiser Blackboard Issues

Keiser Blackboard is typically reliable, but users may face occasional technical issues. Try these troubleshooting tips before contacting IT support:

Internet Connectivity Issues

  • Check connection status/speed
  • Switch browsers or devices
  • Use cable/ethernet instead of WiFi

Account Access Issues

  • Retry with the correct credentials
  • Use the ” Forgot Password link
  • Ensure the account is activated

Course Access Issues

  • Browser cache/cookies may need to be cleared
  • Refresh the page or restart the browser
  • Access the course from the student portal

Assignment Submission Issues

  • Use compatible file type
  • Reduce file size if it is too large
  • Re-upload the file before the due date

Missing Grades

  • Allow lag time for the instructor
  • Verify due dates and extensions
  • Contact instructor politely

For unresolved issues, students should contact the 24/7 IT support team by phone (1-888-KEISER-8) or email (

Exploring Alternatives to Keiser Blackboard

While Blackboard Learn enables a full-featured online classroom environment, University students and educators may also want to evaluate some alternative LMS platforms that are growing in popularity:


  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Entry-level pricing may offer cost savings
  • Integrates with commonly used tech tools


  • Open-source LMS is fully customizable
  • Community-driven platform with strong support
  • Extensive plugin extensions are available

Google Classroom

  • Easy setup and minimal training needed
  • Seamlessly integrates G Suite for Education tools
  • Better suited for entry-level online teaching

Each platform has its pros and cons. Keiser University has standardized Blackboard Learn based on its proven ability to support accessible, collaborative, and enriched learning at scale across a diverse student population.

However, these alternatives are worth exploring to assess whether they better serve specific program needs. Most LMS platforms offer trial versions or demo sites for hands-on evaluation before committing.

The Verdict? Keiser Blackboard Enables Highly Effective Online Learning

In closing, Blackboard Learn helps Keiser University capitalize on online education’s expansive growth and evolution while upholding a people-centric approach focused on holistically driving learner success.

With Keiser Blackboard, students and faculty benefit from:

Convenient Accessibility – Available 24/7 on all devices

Continuous Engagement – Interactive tools promote student collaboration

Customized Instruction – Multimedia content for diverse learning preferences

Comprehensive Grade Management – Track detailed assignments and course performance

User-Centric Design – Intuitive navigation and workflows

Robust Support Resources – Always-on technical assistance and community forums

These capabilities provide a personalized, inclusive, and rewarding online classroom environment tailored for 21st century digital education excellence.

Keiser University continues investing heavily in Keiser Blackboard and the broader ecosystem of technology innovation in higher education. Students and faculty are encouraged to fully leverage these resources to enrich learning, achieve academic goals, and gain globally competitive skills and knowledge.

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