myUSI: Guide for USI Students and Faculty
myUSI: Guide for USI Students and Faculty

myUSI: Guide for USI Students and Faculty

myUSI is an integrated online platform that serves as a central hub for University of Southern Indiana (USI) students and faculty to access critical academic, administrative, and engagement services conveniently in one place.

Developed by Ellucian, myUSI aims to boost student success, faculty productivity, and overall institutional efficiency by simplifying daily tasks and facilitating seamless communication and collaboration university-wide. This definitive guide provides a comprehensive look at myUSI’s extensive offerings and how students and instructors can optimize them.

Overview of Key myUSI Modules

myUSI consolidates access to the following major systems via single sign-on:

  • Self-Service: Enables course registration, financial aid management, and reviews of grades/academic records.
  • Blackboard: For access to online course learning management systems.
  • AdvisorTrac: Provides advisor-student appointment scheduling and progress monitoring.
  • AwardSpring: Integrates scholarship search and application management.
  • Eagle Career Launch: Offers career development resources and exclusive job/internship listings.
  • EagleSync: Centralizes information and event management for student clubs/life.
  • BookIt!: Allows online reservation of library study rooms.
  • EverFi: Hosts mandatory wellness and culture training programs.

Additionally, Microsoft’s Office 365 suite, comprising Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, and Office apps, is accessible through myUSI for boosted productivity. By understanding the scope of tools available via myUSI and learning to utilize them strategically, students can enrich their academic journey. At the same time, faculty/administrators can enhance program effectiveness and insights into learner needs.

Now, let us explore myUSI’s standout offerings in further detail:

Streamlining Academic Planning and Administration

AdvisorTrac: Smoother Faculty Advising

  • Overview:
    • Enables students to easily schedule, reschedule, or cancel one-on-one advisory meetings with faculty mentors based on the latter’s availability shown via digital calendars.
  • Key Highlights:
    • Reduces hassles of manual scheduling through calls/emails.
    • Allows in-person and virtual meetings based on convenience.
    • Centralizes student profile/progress monitoring to guide advising quality.
  • Core Benefits:
    • Increased student-faculty interactions and support.
    • Time savings for scheduling coordination.
    • Enhanced ability to complete graduation plans through routine progress reviews.

Blackboard: Dynamic Learning Management

  • Overview:
  • Notable Capabilities:
    • Arrange course content in intuitive modules and learning sequences
    • Embed multimedia lectures, prompts, and practice tests.
    • Facilitate discussions via boards, blogs, and journals.
    • Design assignments accepting diverse submission formats (text, audio, video)
    • Create quizzes/tests with extensive customization controls.
    • Review dashboards tracking student progress and participation.
  • Key Advantages:

Eagles Connect: Email and Collaboration Gateway

  • Overview:
    • Eagles Connect provides email IDs and associated Microsoft Office 365 tools comprising Outlook, OneDrive cloud storage, Teams, and Office apps to students and faculty for seamless productivity and collaboration.
  • Essential Features:
    • Tight integration with other USI systems, enabling simplicity.
    • Advanced utility like customizable folders and shared contacts/calendars.
    • Enhanced security through two-factor authentication.
    • Accessible across devices through desktop/mobile apps.
  • Notable Benefits:
    • Reliable and efficient communication.
    • Streamlined document sharing and team coordination.
    • Flexibility to access emails and progress reports on the go.

Facilitating Scholarships, Internships, and Career Success

AwardSpring: Simplifying Financial Aid Process

  • Overview:
    • AwardSpring integrates scholarship listings from 500+ universities and external sources into a single platform that recommends opportunities matched to students’ eligibility and profiles. Applicants can then manage the entire application and award acceptance process through AwardSpring.
  • Key Functionalities:
    • Single student profile highlighting academics, co-curriculars, and need for matches.
    • Personalized scholarship opportunity recommendations
    • Streamlined application submission and status tracking
  • Significant Advantages:
    • Alleviates student financial pressures.
    • Reduces application efforts through consolidation.
    • Allows targeting of funding sources strategically.

Eagle Career Launch: Cultivating Networked Employability

  • Overview: Eagle Career Launch is USI’s exclusive job portal that indexes thousands of co-ops, internships, and entry-level jobs from employers specifically looking to recruit talented USI students and graduates. By building strong resumes and skills profiles highlighting credentials, students can discover best-fit role openings recommended via smart algorithms.
  • Noteworthy Features:
    • Personalized job/internship recommendations based on profile
    • Automated application tracking and interview scheduling
    • Calendar of networking events, fairs, and recruiter visits
  • Important Benefits:
    • Exposure to niche opportunities unavailable through public platforms
    • Targeted preparation for jumpstarting career or gaining work experience
    • Plug into mentorship opportunities and employer workshops.

EagleSync: Boosting Campus Engagement

  • Overview:
    • EagleSync serves as an involvement network, allowing USI’s 300+ student organizations to manage profiles, coordinate events/meetings, and share updates for driving awareness and participation to enrich overall campus life. By facilitating student government administration and data analytics, EagleSync also aids institutional planning and engagement incentives.
  • Major Capabilities:
    • Public pages profiling club missions, contacts, and happenings
    • Collaboration through shared task lists, forms, photos
    • Volunteer hours and meeting logs supporting co-curricular records
  • Noteworthy Advantages:
    • Discover and contribute to niche communities matching interests.
    • Lead impactful projects, building leadership skills.
    • Quantify well-rounded achievements through aggregated metrics

Streamlining Infrastructure Access and Administration

BookIt!: Hassle-free Study Room Booking

OverviewAllows students to easily discover, book, and access 650+ individual/group study spots across USI’s 3 library locations online via BookIt! based on real-time room availability shown on digital calendars.
Key Benefits– Securely reserve preferred study rooms in advance rather than first-come basis.
– Prevent rooms staying vacant via auto-release of no shows.
– Analytics improve infrastructure planning.
Notable Aspects– Reservation modification/cancellation enabled.
– Check-in via QR code scanning.
– Waitlisting and occupancy analytics.

EverFi: Mandatory Training for Shared Wellbeing

  • Overview:
    • USI requires all students, faculty, and staff to complete interactive annual training programs on EverFi around sexual assault prevention, mental health, diversity sensitivity, and other aspects vital for risk mitigation and cultured campuses.
  • Includes:
    • Research-backed courses combining scenarios, reflections, and assessments.
    • Flexible completion tracking across devices.
    • Post-training impact analysis by administrators.
  • Outcomes:
    • Community-wide understanding of policies and reporting.
    • Boosts of awareness are shown post-participation.
    • Significant improvement in sensitivity/intervention.


MyUSI’s breadth of offerings targets the multifaceted goals and challenges embedded within university experiences to provide community-wide simplicity, empowerment, and analytics. By learning to strategically leverage tools like self-service advising, CareerLaunch, EagleSync, and Blackboard LMS based on individual needs and growth goals, USI students and faculty can enrich learning outcomes, access opportunities, and amplify success and impact. Despite potential initial adoption barriers, myUSI’s immense convenience and connectivity warrant engagement. It epitomizes USI’s commitment to furthering stakeholder priorities through long-term digital transformation.

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