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Have research material on CBD and want to write CBD for us? Your goal is to help everyone reap the benefits of the medical use of CBD oil, hemp, or marijuana. You can write to us on these topics.

ArticleThirteen.com is the right platform for you. We are giving cannabis writers the opportunity to submit a well-written unique article and publish it in less than 42 hours of editorial review. We always help guest post writers by publishing their content.

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For an article you have already written, it should be:

  • Accuracy & Factual: If what you are presenting is not true and has not been thoroughly researched, it will not be accepted.
  • Reader engaging: Tell some interesting facts, news, new developments or stories that can engage reader. Use professional language, free of terminology, suitable for the field of children’s rights and for an international audience. Avoid terms that only have a local or specific meaning.
  • Unique content: It is written by you without being stolen from any other place. We only accept original content.
  • Copy right: It is not published anywhere else on the Internet and once published it become property of articlethirteen.com
  • Word Count: Not less than 600 words.
  • Free from all errors: content must be of high quality and grammatically correct.
  • Use of headings: Uses headings and built-in lists when appropriate.
  • Resource/source: If possible, it should include links to information (or otherwise specified).

Editorial policy

Our editors reserve the right to edit and shorten submissions as needed. Occasionally, we may decide that a submission is not appropriate for publication. The editors will help to ensure accuracy, good English and strong arguments in each article. If we make significant changes (as determined by the editing staff), we will consult the author or creator. We will schedule it for publication as soon as the review is complete.

Content of editor’s choice

Our priority is editor choice content can get easily published if you write on our choice. We have researched on topics and know the current trends and needs of the market.

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  6. CBD for Pets
  7. Anxiety – CBD Pills
  8. CBD Oil: Benefits, Uses, Side Effects, and Safety
  10. “Does CBD oil work for chronic pain management?”
  11. Cannabidiol Products”
  12. “Hemp Oil”
  13. “Is CBD Oil Legal ”

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