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ynkimart is the online alias of Nicole Kim, a Korean-American illustrator and animator based out of Virginia. Across her website (www.ynk-art.com) and social media channels, ynkimart gives viewers a vibrant glimpse into her artistic talents and interests through colorful illustrations, animations, and more. With an undergraduate arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, ynkimart brings formal training and nearly a decade of experience to her online portfolio and stores.

Overview of ynkimart’s Background

As covered on her website’s about page, ynkimart is formally known as Nicole Kim. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University’s Illustration program in 2015. During her time there and since graduating, ynkimart has worked on a diverse array of freelance and personal projects:

  • Animated a music video for rapper McKinley Dixon
  • Created artwork for card and board games
  • Produced a pilot episode for a personal animated series called “Kickstar & Booyah”
  • Contributed fan art to communities around shows like SpongeBob SquarePants

This section gave a high-level background on ynkimart, establishing her real identity, education, and early work samples.

Analysis of ynkimart’s Artwork and Online Presence

ynkimart maintains an active online presence, particularly on Instagram (@ynkimart) where she has over 900 followers. Across her posting activity and portfolio site, some key themes stand out when analyzing her artwork:

Vibrant, Expressive Art Style

One of the most immediate aspects of ynkimart’s pieces is her use of vibrant colors and energetic linework. Even when tackling traditional mediums like watercolor or ink, her illustrations come to life with saturated hues, fluid shapes, and whimsical takes on her subjects. This injects a sense of joy and motion into most subjects.

Pop Culture and Media Influences

Like many artists and animators of her generation, ynkimart engages heavily with contemporary media and pop culture in her work. This includes reimagined art of characters from Pokémon, Sailor Moon, SpongeBob SquarePants, and other cartoons. She also frequently depicts real-life celebrities like basketball stars Lebron James and Steph Curry.

These pop culture influences allow ynkimart to put her spin on beloved fictional characters while also demonstrating her ability to capture likenesses and figures through her lively style.

Original Concepts and Storytelling

While fan art makes up a portion of ynkimart’s portfolio, she has also significantly invested in developing original concepts, worlds, and characters. This includes short illustrated stories and her Kickstar and Booyah animated pilot. By fleshing out her narrative universes, she expands her skills in background art, costume design, and visual development.

Building out original stories and character also lets ynkimart’s unique artistic voice shine through beyond the constraints of existing franchises.

Overview of ynkimart’s Online Shops and Portfolios

In addition to social media, ynkimart also leverages several portfolio sites and online stores to share her work with fans and potential clients:

  • Personal Website: www.ynk-art.com
  • Instagram: @ynkimart
  • X: @ynkimart
  • Redbubble Store: Acrylic charms, stickers, and more
  • Etsy Shop: Original art and commissions


As ynkimart’s official portfolio website, her dot-com serves as the central hub to view her illustrations, character art, animations, and other projects in detail. The site contains several sections highlighting her skills, work samples, fan art, and even real-life events she has tabling at. Those looking to hire her or inquire about commissions can also contact ynkimart through the site.

Instagram (@ynkimart)

With regular posting activity and 900+ followers, Instagram is ynkimart’s most active social media channel. Along with finished illustrations, she often shares works-in-progress and sketches to her Instagram Story. This gives fans and viewers a “behind-the-scenes” look at her artistic process from start to finish.

Redbubble & Etsy Shops

For those seeking to directly support ynkimart by purchasing her art, she maintains storefronts on Redbubble and Etsy. These contain original art pieces and merchandise like stickers, charms, apparel, and more featuring her illustrations. These shops help expand ynkimart’s reach and brand recognition and provide additional income streams.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

For an artist early in her post-academic career, ynkimart has made impressive progress carving out her own vibrant, animated style within the illustration world. By actively posting online and developing a portfolio of original character concepts, she has laid the foundations to take on freelance jobs and build her fanbase over time. Her website and shops also provide helpful resources for discovering her work and potentially hiring or purchasing art from ynkimart.

Frequently Asked Questions About ynkimart

This section contains factual answers to site visitors’ common questions when learning about the artist ynkimart and viewing her online presence.

Who is the natural person behind ynkimart?

The artist’s real name is Nicole Kim, a Virginia-based Korean-American illustrator and animator. She completed her BFA in Illustration from VCUarts in 2015.

What social media channels is ynkimart active on?

Instagram appears to be ynkimart’s most active social media channel with regular postings under @ynkimart. She also has an inactive Twitter account, her central website, and online shops.

What topics and themes does ynkimart focus her artwork on?

Some subjects frequently appearing across ynkimart’s pieces include food (especially tacos), cute animals, anime/video game characters, celebrities, and original concepts she created like Kickstar & Booyah.

Does ynkimart offer any merchandise or prints for sale?

Yes! Along with original art listings and commissions, ynkimart sells prints, charms, stickers, apparel, and more via her Redbubble and Etsy stores. There are also plans to relaunch a Gumroad shop.

Is ynkimart currently available for freelance jobs or commissions?

As listed on her website and social channels, ynkimart is currently open for various commission types and freelance, remote creative positions. Those interested can contact her through her website for rates and specifics.

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