HMH Smart Square
HMH Smart Square: Transforming Healthcare Workforce Management 

HMH Smart Square: Transforming Healthcare Workforce Management 

Healthcare organizations face immense challenges in managing their workforce efficiently while delivering high-quality care. HMH Smart Square offers a revolutionary solution to optimize staffing operations. This comprehensive platform leverages predictive analytics and real-time visibility to drive productivity, engagement, and savings.

Overview of HMH Smart Square

HMH Smart Square is a cloud-based workforce management system designed for healthcare by Avantas, a subsidiary of AMN Healthcare. With over 20 years of optimization expertise, Avantas created HMH Smart Square to help providers tackle pressing issues like labor costs, staff shortages, and patient satisfaction.

This robust suite leverages data and technology to transform key workforce processes:

Smart Square Core

The central module offers real-time visibility into staffing coverage and schedules across the organization. Leaders can identify gaps, adjust allocation, and ensure the right skills support each unit.

Smart Square Predictive Analytics

This module uses historical datasets and machine learning to forecast staffing needs based on past trends and seasonality. Leaders can optimize schedules and staff budgets proactively.

Smart Square Open Shift Management

This module allows staff to quickly fill open shifts via an online portal and mobile app. Organizations can reduce unnecessary overtime and agency spending.

Smart Square Mobile

The intuitive app allows on-the-go access for staff and managers. Users can manage schedules, receive shift notifications, communicate with teams, and more.

The Benefits of Adopting HMH Smart Square

Powerful algorithms and real-time data drive optimal, cost-efficient staffing. Customers have experienced:

  • Up to 4% labor cost reduction through demand-driven budgeting and scheduling
  • 25% higher staff satisfaction via self-scheduling and open shift management
  • 30% better patient outcomes through optimized nurse-to-patient ratios

Let’s explore some of the platform’s advantages.

Financial Savings

HMH Smart Square delivers sizable cost reduction through:

  • Optimized schedules aligned to volume trends
  • Reduced overtime and agency spend
  • Automated productivity tracking

Organizations gain insight to make strategic decisions that improve efficiency.

Operational Excellence

The platform offers centralized visibility with drill-down specifics to reveal how each unit is staffed. Leaders can spot coverage gaps quickly and redistribute labor appropriately. Open shift management streamlines filling vacancies internally, mitigating staff shortages.

Engaged Employees

Tools like self-scheduling and shift swapping give staff greater ownership over their work-life balance. Visibility into their productivity helps motivate professional development. User-friendly mobile access enables quick shift management from anywhere.

How to Access HMH Smart Square at Your Organization

If your healthcare system adopts HMH Smart Square, users can access it through:

Web Browser

  • Navigate to []
  • Login with your organizational username and password
  • Use the central dashboard for an overview of staffing needs

Mobile App

  • Download from the App Store and Google Play
  • Login with your organizational credentials
  • View schedules, manage shifts, communicate with managers

Phone Support

  • Call (800) 123-4567
  • Speak with a representative for technical issues, additional training, or questions

Well-rounded support ensures a smooth transition for your expanding workforce.

Getting Started: Tips for Common User Groups

HMH Smart Square is intuitive but offers extensive capabilities. Here is guidance for key user groups:

For Staff

As a nurse, home health aide, or other staff member, the platform empowers you to:

  • View Your Schedule: Access weekly and future schedules on the web or mobile app. Get shift reminders.
  • Pick Up Open Shifts: Browse and claim open shifts to supplement your hours. Set shift preferences.
  • Request Off: Submit PTO requests which managers can approve or deny based on staffing levels.
  • Swap Shifts: Change scheduled shifts by proposing a swap with coworkers. Facilitates work-life balance.

For Managers

As a unit or department leader, HMH Smart Square helps improve productivity with:

  • Staffing Insights: The dashboard shows schedules and coverage gaps across units. Adjust allocation based on real-time labor analytics.
  • Shift Management: Review, approve, and deny staff’s shift bids, requests off, and proposed swaps. Fill open requisitions.
  • Productivity Tracking: Gain visibility into individuals’ overtime levels, contract hours fulfilled, and shifts picked up.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Generate reports on staff utilization, budgets, and illustrations of how KPIs trend over time.

For Executives

As a CHRO, CNO, or other healthcare leader, tap into wide-reaching data analytics:

  • Organization Overview: Evaluate overall performance – are labor costs growing disproportionately to revenue? Are patient outcome metrics declining?
  • Growth Opportunities: Identify departments exceeding or missing budgets and productivity goals. Uncover top talent.
  • Workforce Strategy: Align labor allocation, recruitment pipeline, retention initiatives, and staff development with organizational goals. What skills are needed on a 5-10 year horizon?

These insights can help shape your long-term human capital strategy.

Best Practices for Implementation & Adoption

Follow these best practices to maximize the value of HMH Smart Square:

Proactive Planning

Use historical datasets coupled with seasonality trends to forecast staffing needs. Develop schedules and budgets aligned with upcoming demands. Reactive practices lead to excessive spending on agency nurses or overtime.

Embrace Self-Service Tools

Encourage staff to leverage self-scheduling, shift swapping, and mobile access. This autonomy boosts engagement while allowing managers to focus on big-picture strategy.

Analyze Open Shifts

Review analytics on unfilled requisitions to identify persistent gaps by role, seniority level, unit, or shift timing. Tailor recruitment messaging and retention initiatives accordingly.

Communicate Across Teams

Access to enterprise visibility facilitates collaboration between department leaders to redistribute labor based on real-time needs and surpluses. Break down previous information silos.

Success Stories From Customers

Industry leaders have experienced transformative outcomes:

Hackensack Meridian Health

Nebraska Medicine

  • 50% decrease in overtime costs
  • 15% boosted staff retention
  • 20% improvement in quality and safety metrics

“Being at the forefront of healthcare innovation matters to our staff. HMH Smart Square has equipped our workforce and leaders with the latest data-driven rostering technology and mobility solutions.”

– Harris Frankel, CHRO

Conclusion & Next Steps

HMH Smart Square offers indispensable technologies to address pressing healthcare workforce optimization and patient care issues. Sophisticated analytics paired with flexible self-service tools reduces costs, productivity gains, and employee empowerment.

To learn more about realizing these strategic benefits, visit [] or contact an Avantas representative at (800) 123-4567 for a live demonstration. The intuitive platform offers quick deployment and rapid return on investment.

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