Dad And Buried The Anti Parent Parenting Blog
Dad And Buried The Anti Parent Parenting Blog

Dad And Buried The Anti Parent Parenting Blog

Dad and Buried is an anti-parenting blog that takes a satirical look at the less glamorous side of raising kids. Through humorous personal anecdotes and exaggerated stories, the blog provides an alternative perspective to much of the sugarcoated portrayals of parenting found online. In this analytical piece, we’ll explore the history of Dad and Buried, the author’s unconventional stance, the main topics covered, the use of humour and satire, the concept of anti-parenting, community engagement, controversies, and the influence the blog has had.

About Dad and Buried

History and Background

Dad and Buried launched in 2017 as a passion project from a frustrated father needing an outlet. The blog began as a hobby for the anonymous “Buried Dad” to vent his parenting woes. But the candid glimpses into parenthood resonated with readers. What started as musings on the blog quickly transformed into a viral phenomenon reaching millions of parents and non-parents alike.

The Author and His Perspective

The mastermind behind Dad and Buried aims to unveil the messy underbelly of parenting frequently omitted from the picture-perfect family narratives perpetuated on social media. As an exhausted father of four young children, Buried Dad harbours plenty of complaints and frustrations. He also holds relatively anti-establishment views on disciplining and educating kids, contrary to many expert recommendations. Buried Dad’s unconventional opinions, conveyed through unabashed sarcasm and hyperbole, are precisely what appealed to readers craving honesty.

Topics Covered

Dad and Buried run the gamut of parenting topics while putting an amusingly cynical spin on each one. From resisting sleep to epic tantrums to digital addiction and more, no stone is left unturned.

Overview of Recurring Topics

Some of the most commonly recurring topics and themes covered on the blog include:

  • Sleep training struggles or the lack thereof
  • Battles over getting kids to eat something other than chicken nuggets
  • Dealing with misbehaviour and discipline
  • Excessive screen time and managing technology
  • School difficulties, including homework and evaluations
  • Coping with stressful situations as an overwhelmed parent
  • Dealing with gross bodily excretions that unexpectedly leak from children
  • Financial strains of raising a family
  • Maintaining a marriage and partnership amidst parenting chaos
  • Letting go of unrealistic expectations of blissful family perfection

Examples of Popular Posts

To illustrate the type of humorous takes on parenting struggles, here are a few noteworthy posts:

  • “Reasons Children Crying Breaks My Soul” – A hyperbolic look at interpreting the multitude of tears from young kids.
  • “If Parenting Came with Fast Forward and Mute Buttons” – An imaginary invention that parents desperately need when tantrums hit.
  • “Unsolicited Opinions from Complete Strangers” – A sarcastic takedown of annoying public judgment towards his parenting.
  • “Lies Parents Tell Themselves” – An exposé on the delusions parents internalize to cope with hardships.
  • “Serial Family Moment Killer” – A self-deprecating story of ruining picture-perfect instances with parenting flubs.

Humour and Satire

Dad and Buried rely heavily on humour, hyperbole, sarcasm, and satire to get his message across to readers. Buried Dad conveys his anti-parenting sentiments by playfully mocking and embellishing the chaos of domestic life.

Use of Humor and Exaggeration

The blog’s humorous tone pokes fun at the highs and lows of parenting in a lighthearted, entertaining fashion. By embellishing and stretching the truth for comedic effect through irony, wordplay, and funny imagery, Buried Dad sheds light on real frustrations parents silently deal with. His cheeky voice and fun thought experiments appeal to overwhelmed moms and dads needing some comic relief.

Examples of Humorous Posts

  • “Parents I Secretly Judge at the Playground” pretends to call out parents for harmless things like chatting instead of hovering over their kids.
  • “If My House Was a Competitive Sport” exaggerates the Olympic training needed to overcome the chaos to get everyone out the door.
  • “Cookie Monster Eats All My Parenting Moves” uses an analogy of the relentless cookie lover to symbolize demanding toddlers.

The humour softens the blow of the blog’s anti-establishment parenting perspectives. By couching his contrarian stances in hyperbolic scenarios and wisecracks, Buried Dad makes palatable arguments many agree with but never speak aloud.

Anti-Parenting Perspective

A defining aspect setting Dad and Buried apart is rejecting the societal pressure towards picture-perfect parenting. Buried Dad embodies what some dub “anti-parenting” with his controversial stances.

What is Anti-Parenting?

Anti-parenting is a movement centred on rejecting intensive parenting cultural norms. It calls out the unrealistic standards parents held themselves to, especially with the rise of social media. Anti-parenting urges mothers and fathers to embrace their parental imperfections.

Common anti-parenting ideologies promoted include:

  • Advocating against obsessive “helicopter parenting”
  • Challenging the pressure to overschedule kids
  • Providing “good enough” parenting, not aiming for perfection
  • Letting go of mom guilt and societal judgement
  • Doing less and just allowing kids to be kids

Examples of Anti-Parenting Perspectives

  • Buried Dad feels playgrounds and playdates are overrated social constructs, placing undue stress on parents and kids.
  • He believes parents put too much pressure on kids participating in numerous extracurriculars for college application padding.
  • Bedtimes and strict sleep training methods MESS kids up despite so-called sleep expert advice.
  • When families over plan and meticulously prepare for vacations, it zaps all the fun and relaxation.

Dad and Buried give exhausted mothers and fathers permission to ease up and quit forcing the façade of the perfect family. His outside-the-box concepts encourage readers to follow their intuitions, even if unconventional.

Community and Engagement

A major reason for Dad and Buried’s exploding popularity is the supportive community cultivated. Stressed-out parents find solace in bonding with like-minded readers and commenters.

Discussion and Comments

Blog posts easily accumulate hundreds of comments expressing appreciation and sharing similar amusing parenting mishaps. Readers mention crying tears of laughter, finally feeling understood. The candid exchanges create a judgment-free, safe space to unwind without pretending they have it all together.

Social Media Presence

Dad and Buried expanded its community reach across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. These outlets provide additional venues to directly engage with Buried Dad and fans through polls, Q&As, memes, viral videos, and more bite-sized content.

Rise of Fan Groups

Numerous independent fan groups dedicated to Dad and Buried sprang up worldwide. These online havens facilitate deeper relationships and conversations between parents enjoying the cathartic comedy. Some chapters coordinate in-person meetups, allowing isolated moms and dads to make real-life connections.

Criticisms and Controversies

Despite widespread popularity, Dad and Buried garnered its fair share of critics and sparked several controversies. Not everyone appreciated the offbeat parent-shaming humour and rejection of traditional parenting mores.

Criticisms of Content

Some detractors make thought-provoking arguments around promoting harmful stereotypes or disseminating misinformation on important topics like nutrition or child psychology. A few analyze how venting frustration through sarcasm can inadvertently encourage real-life parental aggression. Dad and Buried also received criticism for his stereotypical portrayal of hapless dads and nagging moms.

Handling of Controversies

The first major backlash erupted after Buried Dad jokingly suggested mixing coffee into toddlers’ sippy cups so parents could finally shower in peace. He failed to convey the satirical nature of this fictitious scenario clearly. Buried Dad responded by explaining it was simply absurdist dark humour, not actual advice while apologizing for any misunderstanding.

When addressing other controversies, Buried Dad maintains refusing to self-censor his offbeat opinions while clarifying he never claims to be a qualified expert. He believes readers relate to feeling fed up with idealized standards, even if expressing it through humour crosses occasional lines.

Impact and Influence

While ruffling some feathers, Dad and Buried left an undeniable cultural imprint, redefining perceptions around modern parenting.

Reflection of Parenting Realities

Dad and Buried resonate due to reflecting the daily frustrations and mental load parents internalize. It provides cathartic release by legitimizing shared struggles often undiscussed publicly to maintain appearances. The blog fundamentally shaped conversations around deconstructing parenting façades and redefining norms.

Media Spotlights

In addition to everyday parents singing his praises, Dad and Buried earned coverage from major mainstream publications. Outlets like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post published think pieces on the anti-parenting movement embodied by the viral sensation. Cable news networks interviewed Buried Dad on segments analyzing shifting family dynamics. The blog was even a category on Jeopardy, symbolizing its cultural penetration.

Impact on Parents

Dad and Buried left an indelible mark on parenting landscapes, moving the needle of openly airing flaws. Mothers and fathers flocked to the blog feeling less isolated in their shortcomings and anxieties. It brought solace knowing they weren’t the only parents operating in survival mode, no matter the polished Instagram stories. Buried Dad gave them a license to care for kids at a sustainable pace for their mental health.


Dad and Buried masterfully filled a niche, providing humorous catharsis to parents worn thin disguising struggles. The iconic anti-parenting blog leveraged irreverent satire to help mothers and fathers release perfectionistic pressures. It ultivated a supportive community that revolutionized opening dialogues around deconstructing unrealistic domestic standards. Despite ruffling some feathers with his abrasive rhetoric, Buried Dad leaves behind a game-changing legacy that resonates with millions fed up with maintaining the façade of flawless parenting. No atter the criticisms, Dad and Buried undoubtedly altered the landscape for stressed-out parents desiring permission to be imperfect.

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