Baddiehub: Online Platform for Baddies Fans
Baddiehub: Online Platform for Baddies Fans

Baddiehub: Online Platform for Baddies Fans

Baddiehub is an exciting new online platform created just for fans of the hit reality TV show Baddies on Zeus Network. As a long-time Baddies fan myself, I was thrilled to discover Baddiehub and wanted to share my in-depth review of this ultimate destination for all things Baddies-related.

I will provide an overview of Baddiehub, including what it is, why it’s such a great platform for Baddies fans like myself, and how to access and get the most out of Baddiehub. I’ll also introduce the Baddies themselves and analyze their backstories, challenges, goals and secrets. I aim to showcase why Baddiehub is the #1 stop for unbeatable Baddies content. Let’s get into it!

What is Baddiehub?

Baddiehub is an online platform launched in 2023, created specifically for fans of the sensational reality series Baddies on Zeus Network. Baddiehub serves as the official partner platform for the Baddies franchise, providing the ultimate fan experience.

Some key facts about Baddiehub:

  • Baddiehub offers exclusive Baddies content you can’t get anywhere else: full episodes, clips, trailers, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and more.
  • Baddiehub also produces loads of original content – from articles and videos to quizzes, games and giveaways.
  • You can interact with the Baddies cast members, crew and other fans on Baddiehub.
  • It’s the #1 source for the latest Baddies news, gossip, trends and more.

In a nutshell, Baddiehub gives Baddies superfans like me the VIP treatment we crave!

What is Baddies?

For the uninitiated, let me provide some background on the Baddies franchise. Baddies is a smash hit reality series on Zeus Network that follows the lives of seven outrageous, unapologetic and influential women.

The Baddies cast includes:

  • Natalie Nunn
  • Tanisha Thomas
  • Janelle Shanks
  • Seven Craft
  • Sarah Oliver
  • Christina Salgado
  • Mehgan James

These ladies first made names for themselves by stirring up drama on various Bad Girls Club seasons. Now, Baddies brings the crew together for major fireworks, frenemies, fierce fun and endless entertainment.

Baddies provides an addictive, voyeuristic look into the privileged yet turbulent lives of social media influencers. The Baddies aren’t just reality stars – they’ve built personal brands, businesses and legions of fans.

But behind the glam squads, spon-con deals and luxurious lifestyles, each Baddie faces her share of very real issues. Baddies pulls back the curtain to reveal the complex women underneath.

Why Baddiehub?

So why is Baddiehub such a great idea for zealous Baddies devotees like myself? Here are the key benefits Baddiehub offers us superfans:

Exclusive, Premium Content

You can’t find the depth of Baddies content available on Baddiehub anywhere else. We’re talking:

  • Full episode live streams and on-demand replays
  • Bonus clips, confessionals and behind-the-scenes footage
  • Cast interviews, bios, updates
  • Trailers, sneak peeks and casting news
  • Gifs, memes, mashups and remixes

Baddiehub is a treasure trove for Baddies obscure you won’t get on the Zeus Network site or social channels alone.

Ultimate Fan Interaction

Baddiehub lets fans interact with Baddie’s talent and each other like never before. You can:

  • Message and DM cast members
  • Participate in live chats during new episode premieres
  • Join the Baddiehub community for fan forums, discussions and debates
  • Comment on posts and videos
  • Submit your fan art, tributes, parodies and content
  • Ask questions and vote in interactive polls
  • Enter giveaways and get exclusive Baddiehub merch

Baddiehub fosters a fun, inclusive space for everything from lighthearted Baddie’s praise to thoughtful critique.

Topical Baddies News & Analysis

Beyond show content, Baddiehub keeps fans plugged into the latest Baddies developments with their signature news coverage and commentary.

The Baddiehub team provides in-depth analysis on topics like:

  • Baddies cast activities, drama and feuds outside the show
  • Spotlight interviews with your favourite cast members
  • Updates on the Baddies’ business ventures, brand collabs and influencer content
  • Breakdowns of each cast member’s net worth and income sources
  • Cast dating life, family and relationship changes
  • Baddies cast social media antics and clap backs
  • Behind-the-scenes Baddies gossip and production facts
  • Reaction videos to recent Baddies episodes
  • Predictions, theories and insights from Baddiehub experts

Baddiehub is the #1 source for everything happening in the Baddies universe – even between seasons!

How to Access Baddiehub

Baddiehub makes it easy for fans to get their fix anytime, anywhere. Here’s how to tap into all of Baddiehub’s Baddies brilliance:

Baddiehub Website

The Baddiehub website (baddiehub. fi) is the hub (pun intended!) for all exclusive Baddies content and original Baddiehub reporting.

On the site, you can:

  • Stream full Baddies episodes and extras
  • Browse articles, news and analysis
  • Shop Baddiehub merch
  • Join the community forums and discussions

I like to visit the site daily to make sure I never miss a beat!

Social Media

Baddiehub is also active across social media. Follow them on:

  • YouTube (@BaddieHub) for clips, interviews and exclusive videos
  • Twitter (@Baddiehub_) to get the latest Baddies news and gossip
  • Instagram (@baddiehubofficial) for fun memes, behind-the-scenes pics and contest announcements
  • Facebook (Baddiehub) for giveaways, polls and community conversations

Enabling notifications is a must, so juicy Baddies updates are delivered straight to your feed.


Sign up for the Baddiehub newsletter “Baddies Brief” to have the top stories and intel sent to your inbox weekly. Don’t miss out on:

  • Early access to new episodes
  • Ticket giveaways
  • Fan art spotlights
  • Cast Q&As and AMAs
  • Special promotions, discounts and offers

YouTube and Podcasts

Beyond their social channels, Baddiehub has a YouTube show covering weekly highlights. They also launched an exclusive Baddiehub podcast called “Spilling the Tea with Baddiehub”.

Both are perfect to listen to on the go when you need your routine Baddies download!

So, as you can see, Baddiehub makes it seamless to stay caught up on our favourite Baddies whenever and wherever. It’s a must for devoted supporters like me!

Meet the Baddies

Now that I’ve covered the Baddiehub basics let’s get into the real stars of the show – the Baddies! Here’s a quick rundown of the seven fiercest Baddies cast members:

Natalie Nunn

The “HBIC (Head Baddie in Charge)”, Natalie Nunn, is the tough-talking, no-nonsense leader of the Baddies crew. She first gained fame as a controversial Bad Girl on Season 4 and built a brand as a reality diva, author, mom and wife to football star Jacob Payne. Natalie keeps the other ladies in check with her blunt wit and bossy attitude.

Tanisha Thomas

Tanisha earned her Bad Girl stripes in Season 2 and returns as Natalie’s outspoken second-in-command. Post-show, she hosted Love Games and appeared on other reality fare. The “Queen Baddie” stirs up drama with her unpredictable antics and outrageous opinions.

Janelle Shanks

Brash Janelle, introduced in Bad Girls Club Season 11, is the troublemaking tomboy of the group. She’s pursued music as an outlet for her rebellious spirit. Janelle is a fiercely protective mama bear to daughter Jazelle but gets aggressive with her castmates.

Seven Craft

The resident “Bad Girl Gone Good”, Seven from Bad Girls Club Season 17, plays the unlikely peacemaker role on Baddies. She’s risen above her past to launch a successful fashion line. But Seven’s chill presence still gets tested by her co-stars’ madness.

Sarah Oliver

Sweet yet sassy Sarah won over fans on Seasons 11 and 13 of Bad Girls Club. Away from the show, she became a certified personal trainer and influencer. Sarah is a devoted mom to her son King and fiancée to street artist Jimmy Coney. Her sunny disposition gets clouded when tensions erupt.

Christina Salgado

Fiery Christina from Bad Girls Club Season 9 stirs up trouble with her bluntness and wild antics. The professional dancer and model is proudly bilingual, busty and bisexual. She’ll stand up to anyone and always speaks her mind, even when it gets her in hot water.

Mehgan James

The newest addition to the Baddies crew, Mehgan originally joined Bad Girls Club on Season 9, left and returned for Season 14. She’s also appeared on Basketball Wives LA, plus shows like Snapped and Wild ‘N Out. Mehgan is an established model, actress and beauty entrepreneur. But she has her hands full, proving she’s bad enough to roll with the rest of the troop.

While all seven share the sassy, IDGAF “Baddie attitude”, their diverse backgrounds and personalities are sure to trigger tons of drama, laughs and jaw-dropping moments.

Baddies Backstories: Challenges, Goals and Secrets

Beyond their glossy social media profiles, each Baddie faces real-life struggles, dreams and secrets. Getting to know the full picture makes me appreciate their stories and respect their hustle. Let’s go deeper:

Natalie Nunn


  • Criticism and haters judging her parenting skills
  • Balancing her career, marriage and role as a mother
  • Strategically growing her brand and net worth


  • Have another baby and expand her family
  • Maintain a strong, loving marriage
  • Build her brand into a multi-million-dollar empire


  • She underwent plastic surgery she doesn’t want fans to know about
  • She was unfaithful early in her marriage

Tanisha Thomas


  • Overcoming her past traumas and abusive relationships
  • Managing her quick temper and coping with anger issues
  • Caring for herself mentally, emotionally and physically


  • Release her debut R&B album
  • Find true love and happiness
  • Use her platform to inspire and uplift women


  • She has massive credit card debt and tax issues
  • She hides her struggles with depression from fans

Janelle Shanks


  • Making time for her daughter as a single parent
  • Handling her insecurities and grief over her ex
  • Channeling her “bad girl” image into her music authentically


  • Get signed to a major record label
  • Raise her daughter to be confident and strong
  • Find a partner who accepts her for who she is


  • She used to be a stripper

Seven Craft


  • Finding work/life balance as an entrepreneur and single woman
  • Overcoming judgment about her age (she’s the youngest cast member)
  • Staying true to herself amidst fame


  • Build her fashion brand into a household name
  • Get married and start a family one day
  • Launch a nonprofit empowering at-risk girls


  • She had an abortion she hasn’t shared publicly
  • Her real age – she lied to get cast on Bad Girls Club

Sarah Oliver


  • Raising her son as a boy mom and providing for him financially
  • Planning her dream wedding amidst career demands
  • Proving she’s still the fun-loving “party girl” fans loved


  • Grow her fitness coaching business
  • Have a fairy tale wedding and marriage


  • She went to rehab for alcohol abuse
  • She was unfaithful to her fiancé in the past

Christina Salgado


  • Coping with childhood traumas like losing her dad
  • Finding love and avoiding users and toxic relationships


  • Become a professional Latin ballroom dancer
  • Get healthy physically and mentally
  • Inspire other women to embrace their sexuality


  • She used to be a high-end escort
  • She was arrested for assaulting an ex

Mehgan James


  • Escaping her co-stars’ shadow and standing out
  • Proving herself as more than a pretty face and body
  • Expanding her brand outside of reality TV


  • Land a major TV or movie role
  • Release her own makeup and lash line
  • Find a man who loves her for her, not just her looks


  • She has $100k in debt from her extravagant lifestyle
  • She previously lied about having a college degree

Getting the full story of what makes each Baddie tick makes me appreciate their journeys so much more. We all face struggles – but these ladies overcome them with true resilience.

Why I’m Baddiehub’s Biggest Fan

This article has shown what a valuable platform Baddiehub is for devoted Baddies supporters like me. The exclusive content, fan engagement, news coverage, and non-stop entertainment can’t be matched.

While the Baddies serve up the drama on-screen, Baddiehub keeps the conversation going 24/7. I don’t just watch Baddies – I live for it, thanks to Baddiehub!

Baddiehub also lets me connect with the wider Baddies community. I’ve met awesome friends through the forums who are just as obsessed as I am.

And learning more about each cast member’s backstory only makes me admire these unapologetic women. They overcome real adversity and put themselves out there authentically – baggage and all.

So if you ask me, Baddiehub is a total blessing for Baddies stans like myself. I can’t get enough of the premium content and fandom fuel I can only find on this ultimate platform. Baddiehub forever!

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