We’re Obsessed With These New Hydrating Hair Products
We’re Obsessed With These New Hydrating Hair Products

We’re Obsessed With These New Hydrating Hair Products

Almost everyone suffers from dry hair at some point—and when the temperatures drop, you’re more likely to suffer from dehydrated strands. That’s why we were so excited to learn that VEGAMOUR, one of our favorite clean hair care brands, had just dropped a new line of products that specifically target hydration.

Designed to hydrate and repair dried out strands from the inside, this line takes a revolutionary approach to strand repair that we’ve become totally obsessed with. If you’ve ever suffered from dry, lackluster strands you need this line. Here’s everything you need to know about what makes these products so special.

Telltale Signs of Dehydrated Hair

Dryness and dehydration can cause serious problems for your strands—but how do you know if you’re at risk? Look out for these telltale signs:

  • Your hair is difficult to manage, no matter how many styling products you use.
  • Your hair feels crispy or stiff, instead of supple and soft
  • Your hair is matte and flat looking, instead of shiny
  • Your hair gets easily snarled and tangled 
  • Your hair is prone to split ends
  • You suffer from frizziness, even when conditions aren’t humid
  • Your hair is brittle and breaks easily

It’s easy to address hair dehydration and dryness with the proper routine.

Why Your Hair is Dehydrated (& What You Can Do About It)

Hair dehydration is caused by a number of factors, including your natural genetic predisposition for dryness. If you live in a hot, dry climate or spend a lot of time swimming or outdoors exposed to the elements, you’re at greater risk of hair dryness. You can also cause hair dryness by overwashing strands, using harsh products of treatments, and regularly using heat styling tools.

If you suspect that your hair is dry, the most important thing to do is drink more water. 

If you’re dehydrated, so are your strands! Once that’s taken care of, here are the steps to check off your list:

  • Protect your strands at night with a silk pillowcase or protective wrap
  • Avoid heat styling and harsh chemicals 
  • Get regular trims to eliminate split ends
  • Eat a high moisture diet, with lots of fruits, vegetables, and hydrating drinks like juices and herbal teas
  • Switch to a hydrating and reparative hair care routine

Using the right hair growth products to repair your strands makes all the difference when it comes to hair hydration. Overwashing with harsh hair products causes strand damage and strain—but the right products will nourish and repair your strands, leaving them healthy, glossy, manageable, and moisturized. We’re here with our top pick for the most effectively hydrating line of hair products on the market.

What Makes HYDR-8 Special

With so many so-called moisturizing products on the market, what makes HYDR-8 stand out? For us, it’s all about the deep moisture locking power—founded on proprietary keratin alternative Karmatin—that keeps your hair repaired and hydrated long past wash day.

The HYDR-8 line is designed to nourish, strengthen, and repair strands from within, supplying your hair with 72 hours of hydration. In clinical studies, HYDR-8 reduced frizz up to 97%, leaving hair up to 98% more hydrated. Those are pretty impressive numbers! Plus, the protective effect helps keep your hair safe from environmental and thermal stressors, meaning your hydration is locked in where you need it most.

VEGAMOUR is known for their plant active centered approach to product formulations, and the HYDR-8 line is no exception. In addition to Karmatin, the line contains active ingredients including mushroom extract for heat and humidity protection, marula and moringa seed oil to reduce frizz, and an amino acid blend that leaves hair with a glasslike shine. Murumu seed butter seals in hydration to keep strands soft, and magnolia bark supports a healthy scalp. Last but certainly not least, aloe vera conditions and moisturizes dry strands.

With all these active ingredients, you know these products are getting the job done! But there were two that particularly stood out as we began our hydration journey.

Our Must Have Hydrating Product Picks

While you really can’t go wrong with any of the HYDR-8 line for boosting moisture and shine (pro tip: buy the complete pack for some serious savings). There were two products that we  found ourselves particularly obsessed with.

First, there’s the hair mask, which won the 2023 SELF Healthy Beauty Award and has become something of a cult classic since HYDR-8 hit the market. Designed to reduce the look of damaged hair, the mask combats frizz and leaves your strands smoother, healthier, and restored.

Of course it’s clinically tested, with up to 91% of users saying their hair looked repaired after using the mask, and a whopping 94% agreeing that their hair felt more manageable after a single use. We definitely agreed. The mask smells great, and we loved the way it locked in moisture, keeping our hair shiny, glossy, and healthy looking until the next wash day rolled around. A great tool to add to your self care arsenal, it’s the perfect product to chase the winter frizzies away.

Supplementing our weekly masking routine with a protectant leave in conditioner was the final step in frizz proofing our haircare. And this one is pretty hard to beat. Designed to fight frizz, humidity, and flyaways while effortlessly detangling your strands, it’s the perfect product to reach for after a wash or anytime your hair needs a little refreshing.

We loved the way the leave-in conditioner strengthened and fortified our strands. Preparing them to face whatever challenges winter could throw their way. Plus, it provides heat protection up to 450ºF, making it a great protectant product to use whenever the occasion calls for heat styling tools. 

Used together, these two products provided an incredibly comprehensive approach to moisture protection. Check them out and let us know what you think—we hope you love them as much as we have. Through the frizzy winter season and beyond.

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