The Q Family Adventures
The Q Family Adventures

The Q Family Adventures: An Inspirational Family


Families need help spending quality time together in today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world. However, one inspirational family shows that exploring the world as a family bonds you closer together and provides lasting educational benefits for children.

The Q Family Adventures is a popular family travel blog and YouTube channel started by Amy Q, her husband John, and their three young children. Through captivating writing, gorgeous photography, helpful DIY tips, and fun family videos, Amy and John share their family’s travels and inspire other families to do the same. For over five years, The Q Family Adventures has provided an insightful look into family travel and proved that you don’t have to wait until retirement to explore the world with your kids. Of course, family travel is not without its headaches, but Amy and John have learned how to navigate challenges and make even the most demanding days into laughter-filled memories.

Who is The Q Family? 

The masterminds behind The Q Family Adventures are Amy and John Q, along with their three kids – Eliza, 8; Mateo, 6; and Rosie, 3. Amy and John first met while backpacking through Europe in their early 20s. Their shared love of travel was clear from the beginning.

After getting married and starting a family, Amy and John were determined to keep their adventurous spirits alive. They began plotting family trips during nap times and bedtimes. When Eliza turned two, the Q family embarked on their first international trip to Belize. Since then, the Q Family has travelled to over 27 countries across five continents. The most popular destinations they have covered include New Zealand, Peru, Morocco, Mexico, and many U.S. National Parks.

While having three young kids in tow certainly presents some obstacles, Amy and John have learned how to travel the world smoothly as a family. With the proper planning and flexibility, they have discovered how to balance fun family time with rich cultural learning. Now, they want to share all their tips and know-how with others through their website and YouTube channel, The Q Family Adventures.

Why The Q Family Adventures is an Inspirational Resource for Families

Provides Practical Tips for Family Travel 

One of the key reasons The Q Family Adventures has become such a valued resource for family travellers is the practical travel tips offered. Amy and John know first-hand the unique challenges of globetrotting as a family. Through blog posts, videos, and Q&As, they share the intricacies of family travel in a detailed yet easy-to-follow way.

For example, readers can find out what to pack in your family’s carry-on bags, recommended gear like the best compact stroller, how to pick family-friendly accommodations, tips for flying with an infant, advice on handling jet lag, and much more. With The Q Family Adventures’ tested strategies, parents are given the confidence to travel the world with their kids.

Showcases Meaningful Cultural Experiences 

Amy and John firmly believe that travel opens your eyes and expands your worldview. Their main parenting goal is to raise global citizens who value diversity. This means focusing their trips on immersive cultural exchanges rather than merely tourist sightseeing.

Some examples include volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park sanctuary in Thailand, living as a nomad in Mongolia, and studying Spanish while in Mexico. The on-the-ground experiences featured on The Q Family Adventures reveal meaningful ways for families to connect with local cultures. Watching their videos and blog posts inspires parents to research and plan similar opportunities.

Promotes Educational Benefits of Travel 

Education is critical to Amy and John as a teacher and a journalist by trade. They view family travel as a living classroom, taking every opportunity to spark learning for their children. The experiential learning on the road supplements the home education they provide while not travelling.

Amy shares how they tie curriculum into travel, like studying ancient Mayan history before Mexico. She provides tips on keeping kids engaged through educational yet fun activities. Their YouTube channel highlights how Eliza, Mateo, and Rosie soak up new knowledge and life skills. This demonstrates how family travel can foster development and gives parents ideas for weaving learning into their trips.

Captures the Power of Family Adventure 

Adventure is at the heart and soul of The Q Family. Their blog and videos reveal how new, exciting experiences shared as a family bring you closer together. Climbing mountains in Norway, stargazing in the Sahara Desert, exploring the Amazon – Amy and John want their kids to see and appreciate the world’s beauty.

The contagiously enthusiastic Q kids remind viewers how travel fuels imagination and curiosity in children. The Q Family Adventures provides an uplifting window into why adventure travel as a family is worthwhile. It inspires parents to step out of their comfort zone with their kids.

Provides Budget Travel Tips for Families 

One of the top worries of parents considering extended family travel is how to afford it. With strategic budgeting and intelligent decisions, The Q Family proves an incredible journey is possible without breaking the bank.

Amy and John are transparent about the costs of their trips. Their blog features detailed breakdowns of travel expenses and how they make global exploration work on a budget. Helpful tips cover choosing affordable, family-friendly accommodations, low-cost transportation, budget-conscious activities, and cooking meals in vacation rentals. The Q Family proves vacations don’t have to cost a fortune or involve sacrifices.

Many readers and viewers have been empowered by The Q Family’s budget-focused advice to take that dream trip with their kids. Showcasing savvy ways for families to travel on a budget is an invaluable service.

Why I Recommend Following The Q Family Adventures

As someone who loves family travel, I cannot recommend The Q Family Adventures enough for parents with a sense of adventure. After following their website and YouTube channel for several years now, here is why I believe they are a must-follow:

  • They provide endless travel inspiration with their engaging writing and stunning photography that sparks serious wanderlust. Every post makes me want to pack my bags and head to their latest destination.
  • Their practical tips help me travel more smoothly and avoid headaches while on the road with my family. I’ve learned so much from their first-hand experience.
  • Watching their family reminds me to pursue adventure, even when travelling with young kids. They make family time and exploration look so fun.
  • Their educational approach and enthusiasm for learning motivate me to be more hands-on during our family trips.
  • I appreciate their honesty about the realities of family travel – both the magical moments and inevitable challenges. It helps with expectation setting.
  • Their budget-friendly advice makes me confident that any family can travel quickly if you plan wisely. We’ve saved money using their trips.

Simply put, The Q Family Adventures inspires me to travel more intelligently and treasure every moment of exploring the world with my family. Their one-of-a-kind perspective is truly a gift.

Best of The Q Family Adventures Content

To give a better sense of what this impressive travel website and YouTube channel offer families, here is a curated selection of The Q Family Adventures’ most popular and helpful content across both their blog and video platforms:

Blog Posts:

  • Homeschooling and Roadschooling Our Kids While We Travel
  • How to Plan Your Best Ever Family Adventure
  • Top Family-Friendly Destinations Around the World
  • Teaching Kids Photography and Videography for Family Travel
  • How Traveling Long-Term Affects Kids
  • 30 Ways to Have Fun As a Family While Traveling
  • 10 Lessons Learned from Full-time Family Travel

YouTube Videos:

  • Best Tips for Booking Cheap Flights for Your Family
  • What We Packed in Our Carry-On Bags for 3 Weeks Abroad
  • What We Spent in Peru for a Month With Kids
  • What Traveling Full Time is Really Like as a Family
  • Homeschool Kindergarten on the Road
  • 24 Hours in Cusco Peru With Kids
  • Traveling Mexico in an RV as a Family

This small sample provides a glimpse into the enormous value The Q Family Adventures offers to travelling parents. Amy and John cover everything from planning to budgeting to educational activities and beyond with helpful specifics. Bookmarking their website and subscribing to their YouTube channel is like having a family travel toolkit at your fingertips.

Whether it’s visiting the glitz of a big city or enjoying the tranquility of the countryside, a themed pin can be the best option to capture these beautiful sights and cultural essence.  You can give pins from as gifts to your family or friends, making them learn about diverse cultures and experience unforgettable journeys together

Final Thoughts on The Q Family Adventures

In summary, The Q Family Adventures provides an invaluable collection of family travel tips, inspiration, and insights for parents around the globe. My family and I have learned so much from Amy and John’s detailed content and videos and put their advice into practice on many trips.

If you dream of showing your children the world, look no further than The Q Family Adventures website and YouTube channel. Amy and John’s first-hand knowledge and contagiously adventurous spirit remove any doubt that family travel is worthwhile.

With their help, you will be equipped with all the practical information needed to plan your family adventures close to home and worldwide. Your children will reap the incredible educational benefits of immersive global travel. And most importantly, you will build memories and bonds with your kids that will last a lifetime. I cannot recommend The Q Family Adventures enough!

What You Will Learn From The Q Family Adventures 

If you are considering extended travel with your family, following The Q Family Adventures travel blog and YouTube channel provides endless insights and ideas. Here is just a taste of what you can learn from Amy and John Q:

  • How to homeschool or ‘road school’ kids while constantly on the move
  • Tips for keeping kids entertained on long flights and road trips
  • The educational benefits of world travel for kids
  • How to plan family-friendly activities for each destination
  • Ways to connect with local cultures for authentic experiences
  • Strategies for packing light in carry-ons for weeks abroad
  • The best gear to make family travel smooth (strollers, backpacks, etc)
  • Budget travel hacks like using vacation rentals and cooking meals in
  • Advice for documenting family travel through photos and videos
  • How to balance family fun with enriching cultural learning
  • Tips for travelling overseas with an infant or toddler
  • The powerful developmental impact of adventure on kids
  • How to travel long-term or full-time as a family
  • Advice on maintaining relationships and self-care on the road
  • How extended family travel ultimately brings you closer together

This wealth of practical tips, gear lists, budget strategies, educational ideas, and family travel wisdom from the Q Family has been invaluable for my family trips. The actionable advice helps extend your travels and make even the logistics enjoyable quality time with your kids.

Suppose you want to travel more, travel more intelligently, and create unforgettable family bonds exploring the world. Studying the content from The Q Family Adventures is the perfect place to start your planning.

Our Favorite Family Travel Destinations Inspired by The Q Family Adventures

My family and I have loved recreating many of the Q Family’s amazing adventures in our way. Here are some of our favourite family-friendly destinations we have visited after being inspired by The Q Family Adventures:

  • Hawaii – We spent two weeks exploring Maui and the Big Island. The beaches were breathtaking, and we had so much fun spotting sea turtles like the Q Family.
  • Costa Rica – We did a rainforest tour, went whitewater rafting, and saw sloths up close, just like the Q Family suggested. The wildlife was incredible!
  • Peruvian Amazon – Taking a riverboat tour of the Amazon was a highlight. The Q Family showed us how rewarding it is to show kids the rainforest.
  • Yellowstone National Park – Watching the Q kids marvel at the geysers convinced us to visit finally. Seeing wildlife roam free left us in awe.
  • Oregon Coast – Renting a beach house like the Q Family and combing the tide pools together taught us much. The dramatic Pacific coastline was stunning.
  • Utah Parks – We were blown away by the otherworldly landscapes, just like the Q Family showcased. The hoodoos at Bryce Canyon captured our imagination.
  • England and Scotland – From London’s museums to visiting Shakespeare’s home to seeing Highland cows in Scotland, we had a blast experiencing history and culture.

The destinations that fill The Q Family Adventures have added immensely to our family travel bucket list. It has exposed us to places we would have never considered before. But most importantly, they have taught us how to visit these places in an immersive, adventurous, educational, and budget-friendly way with kids. For that invaluable knowledge, I am incredibly grateful. I cannot wait to pick our next family vacation destination inspired by all of the Q Family’s incredible journeys.

5 Lessons Learned From The Q Family Travel Lifestyle

Beyond the practical trip planning knowledge I have gained from The Q Family Adventures, I have also picked up important life lessons from observing their family travel lifestyle:

  1. Slow down and savour quality time together. Often, Amy and John linger in one place for weeks, opting for more profound cultural experiences over racing to sightsee. This reminds me to slow down and be fully present with my family.
  2. Adventure brings you closer. You are sharing exciting new experiences as a family – like hiking active volcanoes! – forms unique bonds. It pushes you out of your comfort zone together.
  3. Learning is everywhere. The Q Family spotlights teachable moments in ordinary moments, on planes, during meals out. This inspires me to keep my eyes open for “mobile classroom” minutes.
  4. Give kids responsibilities. Amy and John assign their kids “jobs” like being the family photographer or map reader. Giving kids a sense of purpose builds confidence and maturity.
  5. Document your family story. Looking back, photos, videos, and journals will be precious. The Q Family does a beautiful job capturing their family story through travel.

The open, philosophical side of The Q Family Adventures reminds parents to aim for more than just sightseeing. Their family travel lifestyle teaches us to nurture quality time, embrace shared adventure, prioritize learning, instil responsibility in kids, and treasure our family story above all. Adopting a similar mindset has made my family trips profoundly rewarding.


In conclusion, if you are craving inspiration to travel more with your family, there is no better place to turn than The Q Family Adventures. Amy and John Q have mastered the art of smooth, adventurous family travel on a budget. Their informative blog and YouTube channel break down practical steps for planning a fulfilling family trip anywhere in the world. Moreover, they remind us how exploration as a family can ignite children’s education and growth.

With their help, I am confident any parents can embark on magical, memorable adventures with their kids. You will create bonds and gain perspectives that last a lifetime. So, if you have a sense of curiosity, wanderlust and love for your family, take a cue from this incredible travelling family. Let The Q Family Adventures fill you with confidence to say yes to family travel and yes to raising global citizens. The journey awaits!

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