Car Accident

The Effects of a Car Accident Over Time

Nearly everyone is aware that even a small car accident can result in injuries for the driver, other passengers, or even bystanders.

Many of these injuries are immediately treatable and obvious, and in some cases, hospitalisation may be necessary. On the other hand, not all injuries are as obvious to everyone, including paramedics. Unfortunately, some injuries may progressively worsen over time, resulting in discomfort, suffering, and the inability to work or carry out daily activities. The length of time it takes for symptoms to manifest will depend on the type of injury.


Injury to Connective Tissue

Your skin, muscles, tendons, and/or ligaments can all sustain connective tissue injuries. Due to the severe physical force that the body experiences during an impact. Connective tissue injuries are the most frequent type of injury in car accidents.

  • In accidents, items inside the vehicle often get thrown around, potentially leading to cuts or other types of skin damage.. Common items like children’s toys, travel mugs, cell phones, purses or bags, boxes, or other items in the car can be projected into the air upon impact, moving quickly and erratically with a chance of striking the occupants of the vehicle. Skin wounds could also result from broken glass or interior car parts. While less serious burns, scrapes, and cuts will typically heal without leaving scars, they may require pricey cosmetic surgery to correct.
  • A neck injury known as whiplash occurs when the neck’s muscles, ligaments, or tendons are damaged in a car accident. Whiplash can happen in even small collisions or fender benders. When a head is thrust backward and then forward during an accident, whiplash may result. The initial symptoms of whiplash are frequently minor, including a headache, stiff neck, or neck pain. After an accident, these symptoms may worsen significantly and even become chronic, meaning they persist for days, weeks, or even months. Your ability to perform even the most basic tasks may be severely limited by this kind of chronic pain. Additionally, you might feel pins and needles-like nerve sensations running down one or both of your arms.burning, prickling, tingling, and/or electrical shock sensations. Your upper back and lower back are also susceptible to whiplash, which can result in excruciating muscle spasms and long-term pain.
  • Following an automobile collision, back injuries are also typical. The forceful impact of car accidents can be especially damaging to the back, spine, and other connective tissues in our bodies. Even with proper care, chronic conditions can still affect a person. For instance, if someone were to suffer a herniated disc in a car accident. Our spine and the bundle of nerves that run through it are both shielded by these discs. A person with a herniated disc frequently feels tingling, has weak muscles, and may even have ongoing pain in their arms and legs. The onset of this pain could take days, weeks, or even months.

Long-term back injuries can reduce your ability to control certain body parts, including your hands, legs, and feet, and they can occasionally cause paralysis.

  • Another typical injury from an auto accident is rotator cuff tears and strains. They are brought on by tears in the tendons connecting the muscles in the area of our shoulders and frequently take a long time to heal, making it difficult in some cases to perform daily tasks.
  • Another frequent injury from a car accident is a knee injury, which is frequently brought on by the knees striking the dashboard. The long-term effects include trouble walking, meniscus tears (knee cartilage), and the need for crutches and/or braces. Due to the human knee joint’s sensitivity, injuries to the knee can easily last a lifetime.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Mild to severe head injuries can result from an auto accident. In a car crash, your head could hit the steering wheel, a side window, the dashboard, or the windscreen. In a motorcycle accident, there’s also a chance it could hit the road. While cuts and scrapes on your head will be visible, the damage the crash did to the inside of your skull. This may not be.”Closed Head Injuries” are what these wounds are called. A concussion is a less serious type of closed head injury whereas a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a more severe type of this injury. When brain tissue is harmed or destroyed during the impact of an auto accident, traumatic brain injuries can result. Because of the shock and adrenaline that follow a collision. An accident victims all too frequently don’t initially recognise that they have a brain injury.

Significant immediate and chronic long-term effects of a traumatic brain injury could include:

All of these can severely limit your capacity to work, carry out basic responsibilities like taking care of yourself, and, regrettably, sometimes even your capacity to enjoy life. A coma, or a state of total unconsciousness, can result from severe traumatic brain injury, as can death.

Psychological and Emotional Injuries

These are typically the kinds of injuries that can’t be seen, but they can still be just as painful and real as physical ones, and they can also make it impossible for a person to work or engage in leisure activities. Such harms may consist of:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Fear about driving or riding in vehicles
  • Feelings of Guilt
  • Post TraumaticStress Disorder, or PTSD, is common among crash survivors and can include all of the above symptoms as well as recurring nightmares. Difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite, and difficulty in relating to loved ones or co-workers. All of these can make routine activitiesworrisome, difficult, or even impossible.
  • Personality or Behavior Changes

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Even if you feel fine, go to the hospital right away after a car accident because the long-term effects of the accident might take some time to manifest.

Consulting a qualified personal injury lawyer is essential if you or loved one has been hurt in a car accident. In order to make yourself whole and protect your rights.

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