Smoking Behind the Supermarket Mangadex

Smoking Behind the Supermarket Mangadex

Overview and Background

Smoking Behind the Supermarket Mangadex with You is a coming-of-age manga that has garnered praise for its thoughtful depiction of adolescence. Written and illustrated by Jinushi, the manga began serialization in August 2022 in Square Enix’s Monthly Big Gangan magazine. As of October 2023, there are eight chapters available to read on Mangadex. The manga won the 2022 Next Manga Award in the web category, showing its impact despite its short run so far.

The story follows two high school students, Sasaki and Ida, who meet by chance while smoking in a supermarket. They begin to regularly meet up in this hidden spot to talk and smoke together. A close friendship develops between the two, who have both been lonely and searching for connection.

The primary purpose of this article is to provide an in-depth review and analysis of the manga series “Smoking Behind the Supermarket Mangadex with You” by Jinushi. It aims to introduce readers to this critically acclaimed coming-of-age manga and highlight its strengths, including its realistic portrayal of adolescence, exploration of friendship and connection, and evocative artwork.

People should read this article if they:

  1. Are interested in discovering new and noteworthy manga series, particularly those that deal with relatable themes and experiences.
  2. I appreciate manga that offers a thoughtful and authentic depiction of the challenges and emotions associated with adolescence and growing up.
  3. Value manga explores the importance of human connection, friendship, and finding one’s identity during the turbulent teenage years.
  4. Enjoy analyzing and appreciating the artistic merits of manga, such as symbolism, visual metaphors, and evocative panel compositions.
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  6. Want to gain insights into the critical acclaim and awards received by “Smoking Behind the Supermarket Mangadex with You,” highlighting its impact and quality?

By reading this article, people can learn about the compelling themes, character development, and artistic strengths of this manga series and understand why it has garnered praise from critics and readers alike. The article serves as a comprehensive introduction and analysis, helping readers decide if “Smoking Behind the Supermarket Mangadex with You” aligns with their interests and if they should consider analyzing this poignant coming-of-age story.

Realistic Portrayal of Adolescence

One of the standout elements of Smoking Behind the Supermarket with You is its relatable, authentic portrayal of teenagerhood. The feelings of alienation, uncertainty, and longing for connection expressed by Sasaki and Ida will resonate with many readers. Their struggles with finding meaning and identity amidst the turbulence of adolescence are depicted thoughtfully.

Jinushi does not shy away from showing vulnerable moments and raw emotions. We see the main characters cry, get angry, and reveal their deepest pains. There is an honesty and openness to these depictions that creates an immersive reading experience. As a reader, I felt deeply connected to Sasaki and Ida. The manga brings out empathy for their struggles and makes us reflect on our teenage years.

Exploring Friendship and Connection

  • The budding friendship between Sasaki and Ida is the emotional anchor at the heart of the manga. These two characters find solace, understanding, and a sense of belonging through their clandestine meetings. Both had been feeling lonely, and that nobody truly understood them before they met each other.
  • Jinushi explores how human connection has the power to provide comfort and meaning. For Sasaki and Ida, sharing thoughts, fears, and dreams gives them courage and hope. It also allows them to feel indeed seen.
  • The settings Jinushi uses to accentuate the themes of friendship and connection. The hidden spot behind the supermarket represents a sanctuary away from the pressures of school and society. It is a liminal space where they can take refuge and be authentic.

Evocative Artwork

  • Another highlight of the manga is Jinushi’s evocative artwork. He makes excellent use of symbolism and visual metaphors to add further depth. For example, panels depicting Sasaki and Ida enveloped by cigarette smoke can represent how they feel lost or emotionally clouded. When the smoke fades in later panels, it suggests a sense of clarity gained through their friendship.
  • The facial expressions and body language Jinushi also draws intricately convey the emotional states of the characters. One can perceive their longing, discomfort, joy, and sadness just through the manga’s artwork. There is a real intimacy to the scenes depicting Sasaki and Ida smoking and talking behind the supermarket.
  • Jinushi’s panel composition and use of light/shadow also help set contemplative, sad tones. Scenes of Sasaki and Ida sharing cigarettes in the dusk or under street lights are beautifully atmospheric. The art style matches the thoughtful, reflective nature of the story’s exploration of adolescence and connection.

Lasting Impact

  • While still in its early stages, Smoking Behind the Supermarket with You has already had an impact, as seen by its award win. Its approach of blending realism and sensitivity shows why it is deserving of attention. The manga captures universal adolescent experiences through the specific lens of its protagonists.
  • Jinushi is not afraid to explore severe themes around mental health, trauma, and toxic masculinity. Yet there is also subtle humour and moments of lightness sprinkled throughout. Smoking Behind the Supermarket with You feels like an authentic glimpse into teenage lives. It will linger in readers’ minds long after putting it down.


Through the budding friendship of its leads Sasaki and Ida, Smoking Behind the Supermarket with You provides an honest, affecting look at adolescence. Its relatable story, evocative artwork, and resonant themes around connection explain why it is garnering acclaim. This manga marks the emergence of a talented creator in Jinushi.

I look forward to following the manga and seeing how the characters’ lives unfold. Smoking Behind the Supermarket Mangadex with You is a must-read that captures the poignancy and difficulties of teenage years with grace.

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