How to Ship a Boat to Poland from the US

How to Ship a Boat to Poland from the US

You have to plan carefully and have a reliable service for shipping a boat overseas. This guide will help you have an easy, uneventful process of shipping a boat from the US to Poland. With Polonez America, an international transportation leader, you can effortlessly navigate through the complexities of customs procedures, documentation, and logistics. And, of course, you can enjoy a quick delivery of boats to Poland from the USA by Polonez.

Choosing the Right Shipping Service

Selecting an established shipping company is vital when contemplating how to send a boat to Poland. Polonez America ( is dedicated exclusively to delivering boats to Poland from the USA in the office at Port Reading, NJ, and its main warehouse in Częstochowa, Poland. Over 40 years of experience gives you a guarantee that your vessel will be carried safely and fast.

Required Documentation

Shipping a boat is all about doing meticulous paperwork as per customs regulations. The following documents are needed:

  • Sender’s full name and phone number.
  • Copy of the sender’s passport: The picture and passport number must be clearly visible.
  • Recipient’s full name and phone number.
  • Original title of the shipped boat: Certificate of title or certificate of origin.
  • Original bill of sale: Confirmation payment receipt for boats five years old or newer.
  • Proof of ownership for older boats: From the local DMV if no certificate of title was issued.
  • Special requirements for heavy-duty vehicles: Three notarized copies of the bill of sale specifying the vehicle VIN.

Preparing the Boat for Shipment

Before shipment, ensure that all preparations are in order:

  • Remove fuel from the tank.
  • The battery should be disconnected
  • Disconnect battery cables completely.

Ensure all loose items, including personal gear, are secured properly inside the cabin or storage areas; close such hatches as well as cabinets so that they will not open during movement, thereby causing any damages/losses because these parts also carry some expensive equipment that might be destroyed if allowed move around too much while being transported by road.”

Customs Clearance Process

The clearance procedure may sometimes be complicated, but with Polonez America, it is simplified. They will check if everything is fine with the documentation and whether your boat meets the regulatory demands needed for bringing it into Poland.

Benefits of Shipping with Polonez America

  1. Reliable service: More than forty years in the market;
  2. Comprehensive support: Assistance with documentation and customs clearance.
  3. Wide range of services: Ships, boats, cars, motorcycles, ATVs, and more.
  4. Professional handling: Each vehicle is carefully handled.

You can see that everything is rather simple!


What types of documentation are required to ship a boat from the US to Poland?

  • Sender’s full name and contact details.
  • A clear copy of the sender’s passport.
  • Recipient’s full name and contact details.
  • The original title of the boat (Certificate of Title or Certificate of Origin).
  • Original Bill of Sale for boats less than five years old and proof of ownership from the local DMV for older boats.

How should I prepare my boat for shipment?

  • Drain all fuel from the tank.
  • Disconnect and remove the battery.
  • Secure all loose items inside the cabin or storage areas and ensure that hatches and cabinets are closed to prevent damage during transport.

What services does Polonez America offer for boat shipping?

  • Polonez America provides comprehensive transportation services, including support with documentation, customs clearance, and professional handling of the shipment.

How does Polonez America handle the customs clearance process?

  • Polonez America simplifies the customs clearance process by ensuring all documentation is correct and that the boat meets all regulatory requirements for entry into Poland.

What makes Polonez America a reliable choice for shipping boats to Poland?

  • With over 40 years of experience in international transportation, Polonez America offers reliable services, professional handling of each vehicle, and expert assistance with all aspects of the shipping process.


Shipping a boat to Poland from the US requires careful planning, attention to documentation, and choosing a reliable shipping service. Polonez America, with its long-standing expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, provides a seamless and secure process. By preparing your boat correctly and relying on Polonez’s comprehensive support and professional service, you can ensure a smooth and successful transportation experience. Trust Polonez America to deliver your boat safely and efficiently to its destination.

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