Opiate Addiction Treatment Can Cause Dental Issues: Understanding the Suboxone Lawsuit
Opiate Addiction Treatment Can Cause Dental Issues: Understanding the Suboxone Lawsuit

Opiate Addiction Treatment Can Cause Dental Issues: Understanding the Suboxone Lawsuit 

Medicines dedicated to improving a specific condition and resulting in side effects create concern. The FDA 2022 released a safety communication regarding severe dental health issues, like tooth loss, cavities, oral infections, and tooth decay, occurring in people who used Suboxone Sublingual Film, a buprenorphine medication. These patients have filed legal claims against Indivior, the drug manufacturer.

Suboxone Sublingual Film is a medicine that has been used to treat opiate addiction. In the past few months of 2023, the number of lawsuits for Suboxone dental decay has gone up. Almost all plaintiffs shared that they faced permanent tooth loss and dental damage that led to other expensive treatments and reduced their quality of life.

In this article, we will discuss this and look into how Suboxone results in severe dental challenges. We will also look at the ways patients can seek legal assistance.

The Tragic Experience of Keith King with Suboxone

Drugwatch reported in October 2023 about an Ohio man who developed dental injuries after using Suboxone. Keith King, like any other patient, also used this drug to address and resolve his opiate disorder, but it seems he had another danger waiting for him, which made him file his Suboxone tooth decay lawsuit.

King has asked to use this drug since he got addicted to an opioid medication that proved beneficial to pain management. He states that he used the medicine for 16 months and then faced extreme tooth decay and had to get many of his teeth extracted.

The medicine is often used as a film or tablet that dissolves inside the mouth a few times daily. In his lawsuit, King claims that Suboxone should have warned its users. It has an acidic pH of 3.4, which results in acute dental injuries.

During the early 2000s, this medication, a blend of naloxone and buprenorphine, was approved by the FDA. It is a breakthrough for patients who face ample withdrawal symptoms because of opioid dependency. Back in 2010, there was minimal change in the delivery process. Also, the manufacturer shifted the drug from a tablet to a sublingual buprenorphine film that dissolves the light strip under your tongue.

It’s this change that has made more users experience dental side effects. The reports include the following:

  • Tooth extractors
  • Several dental decays
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Tooth loss

Today, users seek financial compensation for their ongoing medical expenses. These people might require extensive dental work to correct the side effects, which demand money. It helps them to cover all the economic and non-economic changes.

How Does Suboxone Treat Opioid Addiction?

Millions of Americans were using this prescribed medicine that doctors issued at a fast speed. Suboxone comprises two primary ingredients, such as:

  • Naloxone: It can reverse the impacts of an opioid overdose as fast as possible. It also helps to block a few of the side effects.
  • Buprenorphine: It can be used to minimize craving and withdrawal symptoms.

In June 2022, the FDA urged that a dental warning be added to Suboxone, which gradually made people aware of its other adverse effects that needed to be corrected.

Suboxone Dental Injuries and Lawsuits

Are you wondering who can file a Suboxone lawsuit? Ideally, a lawyer can decide who qualifies for this. It is necessary for a patient to have suffered from the following dental issues to be eligible:

  • Tongue injuries
  • Tooth decay
  • Cavities
  • Tongue injuries
  • Tooth fractures
  • Gum Injuries
  • Tooth loss

Users must get checked by a medical healthcare professional to establish that the side effects result from using Suboxone. According to a study conducted by the Partners Human Research Committee in 2012 on patients, almost everyone reported a dental issue. This requires adequate attention from doctors so people don’t lose out on a workday and suffer unnecessarily. 

TruLaw states that getting in touch with an expert and experienced lawyer is essential to file a legal complaint. They will ensure that they have used all the evidence provided by the patient and other anecdotal accounts to build a strong case. Some cases get resolved fast, whereas others take time.

Finally, no one wants to take a drug prescribed by a doctor and face a side effect. It is necessary to seek medical help to address and treat opiate disorders and ensure that they do not cause dental damage or injuries. Patients who have suffered need to establish that Suboxone caused dental problems to seek fair compensation by filing a lawsuit based on the guidelines given by an ace lawyer.


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