How To Know if Tree Roots Have Damaged Your Home’s Drain Pipes and How a Plumber Can Help
How To Know if Tree Roots Have Damaged Your Home’s Drain Pipes and How a Plumber Can Help
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How To Know if Tree Roots Have Damaged Your Home’s Drain Pipes and How a Plumber Can Help

Growing tree roots could invade your home’s sewer lines through seams, loose joints, or cracks. The origins can trap wastewater debris, clog the drain line, and cause sewer backups in your home. Professional drain clearing can help remove clogs from your sewer lines and make the lines more efficient. Here is more information on how to know if tree roots have damaged your home’s drain pipes and how a plumber can help:

Foul Smells

Accumulation of wastewater debris in your drain lines can cause bacteria to build up. A bacterial colony could make your home drains release foul or rotten odors. If the clogged sewer lines have molds or mildew, they may remove musty smells around your home. A professional plumber can use video cameras to inspect your drains and determine the source of the bad smells.

Sink Holes

Continued growth of tree roots in the sewer lines could cause the lines to expand and break. This can allow wastewater to leak into the ground and cause sinkholes with time. If your home’s yard has sinkholes, contact a plumbing contractor, as you may be at risk of cracked drain lines. The contractor may also replace your sewer lines if tree roots severely damage them. This can prevent the formation of sinkholes and possible damage to your home’s foundation.

Gurgling Noises

Tree roots may invade your underground plumbing pipes and obstruct proper water flow. Blockage in the pipes can cause your toilet to produce gurgling sounds when flushed. You may also hear gurgling sounds when emptying your sink. Regularly inspecting your drain lines and pipes by a professional plumber can help address the gurgling noises and prevent tree root blockage. Your plumbing contractor may install a root trap or deflector barrier to protect your repaired or replaced drain pipes from tree roots.

Slow Draining Sinks

If tree roots clog your drain pipes, they may experience a reduced flow rate. This can contribute to your sinks draining slower than usual. Food particles, scum, and other debris trapped in the drain pipes also contribute to slow-draining sinks.

A professional plumber can troubleshoot your slow-draining sink to determine if tree roots in sewer lines are causing the problem. When correcting this issue, the plumber may use a hydrojet or drain snake to unclog drain pipes. Hiring plumbing services can help prevent your sink from overflowing from slow drains.

Increased Water Bills

Tree roots can cause your underground pipes to crack and leak water. This could cause water wastage and spike your monthly water bills. Tree root damage to the pipes increases the bills while lowering water pressure. A plumbing contractor can check for water leaks in your yard before repairing or replacing underground pipes. During drain clearing, the plumber can use a heavy sewer snake or drum auger to remove tree roots from the pipes. The plumber may use hydrojetting if the origins and trapped debris have stayed in the drain pipes for an extended period.

Hiring Professional Drain Clearing Services

A professional plumbing contractor has the skills and expertise to protect your sewer system when clearing tree roots. They can prevent further damage to your underground waterlines or sewer pipes. Professional drain cleaning can help extend your pipe and drain system lifespan. 

Professional plumbers also have the tools and equipment to unclog your drain pipes more effectively. You won’t have to incur extra costs purchasing drain snakes, water jets, plungers, or other drain cleaning equipment. A plumbing contractor may save you time, as they can quickly unclog water pipes or sewer lines. Efficient drain pipe cleaning can help prevent possible flooding in your basement. 

Check their pricing structure before hiring a plumber to unclog your drain pipes. Contact several plumbers and compare their estimates before choosing one. The size of your blocked drain pipes and the clog’s severity can determine what you pay the plumber.

Contact a Reputable Plumber Today

Drain-clearing services can improve your home’s sewer flow rate, prevent sink and toilet backups, and create a healthier living environment. Hire the services immediately after noticing foul smells, soggy grass, spiked water bills, or sinkholes in your yard. Call an experienced and reputable plumber today if you suspect that tree roots have invaded your sewer lines.

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