How to Help a Drug Addict Go Through Withdrawal? – Avedis
How to Help a Drug Addict Go Through Withdrawal? – Avedis

How to Help a Drug Addict Go Through Withdrawal? – Avedis

Withdrawal is the nightmare of every drug addict because most of them know about this condition firsthand. Successful relief from withdrawal can be carried out in a drug treatment clinic, but not everyone is ready to turn to specialists for fear of publicity. It can relieve painful discomfort even at home, without the involvement of narcologists, but doctors strongly advise doing this only as a last resort. Withdrawal syndrome is fraught with considerable danger for patients with serious chronic diseases, and only Avedis Recovery can truly effectively help be obtained without consequences.

Deterioration of the condition during withdrawal of a drug addict

Drug addicts call withdrawal syndrome a real hell. This condition is accompanied by discomfort, which not everyone is able to withstand and for the sake of the next dose that makes them feel better, they are even ready to commit a crime. The following symptoms accompany the withdrawal of drugs from the body:

  • painful sensations;
  • severe headaches;
  • constant nausea, alternating with bouts of intense vomiting;
  • chills;
  • muscle cramps;
  • tremor of the limbs;
  • problems with sleep (the drug addict has insomnia);
  • hallucinations.

This condition can last up to two weeks. If a drug addict successfully survives without using drugs, his health will begin to improve constantly. Much here depends on many factors – age, health, and drug experience. Narcologists of Avedis Clinic warn that symptoms associated directly with the lack of a dose are far from the most dangerous phenomenon. Against the backdrop of abuse, the body becomes exhausted, chronic diseases worsen, and vascular, heart, and liver diseases develop. It is difficult for a weakened person to withstand, and in this case, the risk of death is quite high.

How to help a drug addict with withdrawal: proper nutrition and drinking regime

The first thing that is recommended to provide the patient with withdrawal is the correct diet. It is not recommended to eat heavy food – it will worsen health and provoke an exacerbation of symptoms. 

The best option is first courses, light salads, lots of vegetables and fruits. Spices, especially salt, should be used in minimal quantities. They can cause severe thirst and the formation of oedema because the digestive system during this period cannot fully function, and metabolic processes are most likely also disrupted.

Vitamin B1 deficiency in the body of a drug addict is the main cause of severe depression, which is often observed during cocaine withdrawal. To compensate for its deficiency, it is recommended to eat oatmeal (preferably cooked without spices or sugar), brown rice, pistachios, green peas and cauliflower.

Be sure to drink a lot of vitamin drinks, which replenish the deficiency of nutrients in the body and activate the immune system. Most often, these are freshly squeezed fruit juices. It is also recommended to drink at least two liters of plain water. It will not only accelerate the removal of toxins and breakdown products of narcotic substances from tissues. Still, it will also prevent dehydration, which often occurs during withdrawal symptoms accompanied by vomiting.

Correct mode: one of the mandatory rules

Narcologists also recommend adhering to a strict regimen. To quickly relieve discomfort, spend more time in bed. During sleep, toxins are actively eliminated, and at the same time, the craving to take a dose of a narcotic substance decreases. Spend at least 8 hours in bed at night, and be sure to take time to rest during the day. Staying in the fresh air improves general condition and relieves headaches.

Parties where alcohol is offered are also prohibited for the entire period of withdrawal syndrome – under the influence of strong drinks, it is difficult to control oneself. Drug addicts must take a contrast shower regularly (do this even several times a day). Another option is a salt bath with the addition of sea salt. Water procedures for several hours will improve well-being and relieve most of the symptoms of withdrawal. 

How to ease withdrawal symptoms 

To treat withdrawal symptoms in drug treatment facilities, special medications are used. They promote the removal of decay products, alleviate the general condition, and relieve drug cravings. In most cases, such drugs are sold only by prescription or dispensed in a clinic since they should only be taken under the supervision of a narcologist. The specialist monitors well-being, promptly notes deterioration, and, if necessary, changes the treatment regimen. Using potent drugs at home is strictly prohibited. Uncontrolled use, instead of relief, can lead to serious consequences. This does not mean that people with an addiction cannot use medications – following certain rules, it may be possible to relieve some symptoms. 

  • It is allowed to take painkillers for headaches and pain. 
  • In case of surges in blood pressure, medications that normalize the condition. 
  • Cramps or painful sensations in the muscles are relieved with magnesium-based drugs. 
  • For prolonged insomnia, it is recommended to take any sedative (preferably herbal). 
  • Antidepressants or tranquillizers are used as a last resort after prior consultation with a specialist.

The influence of the environment: how loved ones can help during withdrawal

Psychological support is no less important than taking medications or following a regimen. Do not blame the patient or talk about the dangers of drugs – there will be no benefit from such conversations. The only thing you need to achieve is to show that he can always count on help and support. Remember, the person with an addiction will definitely return to his previous habit, and this can happen either after a few weeks or after 2-3 days. To help him, long-term treatment is necessary, and under the supervision of several doctors at once: 

  • narcologist, 
  • therapist, 
  • psychologist, 
  • neurologist. 

This is why doctors of Avedis clinic warn that it is better not to rely on your strength and undergo a full course of complex therapy. This increases the chances of successfully resisting drug addiction and returning to normal life.


Helping a drug addict through withdrawal is a challenging and complex process that requires a combination of proper nutrition, a strict regimen, psychological support, and, ideally, professional medical supervision. While it is possible to manage withdrawal symptoms at home, this should only be considered as a last resort due to the significant risks involved, especially for those with chronic health conditions. Proper diet, hydration, and rest are crucial, but they are not substitutes for professional care.

Medications can help alleviate symptoms, but their use must be carefully monitored to avoid adverse effects. Psychological support from loved ones is vital, emphasizing encouragement over criticism. However, long-term recovery often requires comprehensive treatment involving multiple healthcare professionals, including narcologists, therapists, psychologists, and neurologists.

Ultimately, seeking professional help at a specialized clinic like Avedis Recovery increases the chances of successful detoxification and long-term recovery, providing the structured environment and medical expertise necessary to navigate the difficulties of withdrawal safely.


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