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Colors by Natalie – Natalie Haydel Age, Marriage Life and Career

Natalie Haydel is a well-known Catholic expressive artist from Houma, Louisiana. She is the founder of Colors by Natalie business

The primary purpose of this article appears to be to provide an introduction and background information about Natalie Haydel, the artist behind the business “Colors by Natalie.” It covers various aspects of her life and artistic journey, including:

  1. Her beginnings as an abstract artist and the origins of her business name.
  2. Her personal life, including her marriage, children, and struggles with anxiety and depression.
  3. How her art became a form of expression and healing for her.
  4. Her strong Christian faith and how it influences her artwork.
  5. The evolution of her art from a college hobby to a successful business.

People should read this article to learn more about Natalie Haydel as an artist and the story behind her business, “Colors by Natalie.” It provides a personal and inspiring account of how she turned her passion for art into a career while also highlighting the role of her faith and personal challenges in shaping her artistic journey.

Colors by Natalie Background

Natalie has been an artist since she was eight years old. At the request of a friend, she started doing abstract art. Since then, Haydel’s business has produced more than 300 abstract works. Natalie “Colors” She has trouble with anxiety and depression, so art is a way for her to get away. Haydel sees in the painting that God is making a meeting place for whoever the painting is for.

The Name “Colors by Natalie” was Coined by her Mother

Natalie’s mom came up with the name “Colors by Natalie” when she made her get business cards. Natalie’s mother ordered them without Natalie’s permission (because Natalie really didn’t think this was going to go anywhere) and came up with the name on her own. Natalie could tell you exactly when her mother gave them to her. They were black with rainbow paint splatters on them, and the words “Colors by Natalie” were written in a classic script font right in the middle. Natalie will always remember that moment because she likes to think that God smiled down on her because he knew what was going to happen.

Natalie Haydel’s College Life

She was the typical college student who didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life. She changed her major a lot because she didn’t like studying and didn’t feel called in any one direction. Natalie remembers that she almost felt like she didn’t belong. Like, all those kids on campus were just walking around acting sure of the decisions they had made for their futures, but Natalie couldn’t even be sure of what she chose to eat for breakfast.

Colors by Natalie – Natalie Haydel Age

Natalie Haydel is 31 year old as of 2023. She born on 1st Jun 1992 (01-01-1992) She is living happy life with her husband Andrew, have 3 kids Eleanor and Teddy, and Ava. She runs a business Colors by Natalie.

Her First Job to Paint Party Cups

Natalie Haydel decided to get a job at the Balfour House painting party cups to keep herself busy and help pay for college. Natalie liked it even though she wasn’t very good at it because it kept her left brain busy. In her junior year, a close friend asked her to paint an abstract for her home, which was her first job. Natalie had her great variety of mugs famous because of its unique designs check our list of Colors by Natalie coffee mugs 10 cute design.

Natalie got another order just minutes after she put it on Instagram. She got a lot of orders. To my surprise, she spent the rest of her college years painting abstracts in her guest bedroom, which kept her busy. When she think about it now, it was a pretty good job. She would skip class and paint all day (sorry, mom), and her only worry was passing that chemistry test at the end of the week. That’s very different from what she has to do now, but she’ll get to that soon.

Natalie Haydel’s Famous Quote – Colors by Natalie

“I know that I pray when I paint and I don’t really believe that I paint. I believe that God paints through me.”

Natalie Haydel’s

Is Haydel Secular?

Natalie decided to take a year off after she graduated from high school before she might get a master’s degree in psychology (laughing at the thought). During that year off, she not only found Jesus, but she also spent every day painting. After one commission came in, another one came in, and so on. Natalie Haydel remembers one night when she looked down at her paint-covered hands and told God, “If this is what you want me to do with my life, keep sending me commissions. If not, stop it all and I’ll go back to school.”

He heard me, and to keep things simple, there’s been no sign of an end.

Natalie Haydel Jesus Artwork

So let’s get back to finding Jesus. She had a hard time with depression and worry about the future after she graduated from college. Natalie was always asking why. And through that valley, which she liked to call “her time in the desert,” Jesus met her with his arms wide open. Long story short, Natalie Haydel said that she fell in love with Him, that she could feel His love for her, that she wanted to tell everyone she knew about His love for the world, and that she wasn’t afraid to shout it from the rooftops. She gave up her life to Him and His plan, and after that, everything changed. She lived on prayer, the only music she listened to was worship music, and church was her home. Natalie started praying before each commission, and things changed so much that she can’t even take credit for the changes.

Haydel Marriage Life

Natalie Haydel complete Family picture
Natalie Haydel Picture With her husband Andrew and her children Eleanor, Teddy and new born Ava

Natalie Haydel married her high school sweetheart, Andrew. They have three beautiful children, Eleanor and Teddy, and Ava. Andrew, Natalie’s husband, is doing his residency in anesthesia in Metairie, Louisiana, which means he is always working. And Natalie used to be a stay-at-home mom who paint’s upstairs while her kids were napping. This time is hard for her because she is no longer the only one with her own responsibilities. Like She has a chemistry test on Friday and is working on some commissions in a guest bedroom. But as hard as it is, being a parent is also very special, and she tries to enjoy every moment with her kids while they are still little.

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