The Best Ideas For Purple Manicure Next Year
The Best Ideas For Purple Manicure Next Year

The Best Purple Nail Design Ideas for Next Year

Purple color is quite popular among women even though it belongs to cold tones. But warm shades immediately form when you add a little red, yellow, or orange. Purple nails are so popular thanks to the combination of colors.

This article will explore the top purple nail ideas to try in 2024. Whether you prefer bold, dark shades or soft pastels, these stylish purple nail designs will inspire your next manicure.

Elegant Light Purple Nail Designs

Pale purple nail polish creates a delicate, romantic look. Here are some chic ways to wear lighter purple nail polish shades:

Milky Lavender Manicure

Milky nail polishes are huge right now. A milky lavender manicure has an ethereal, sophisticated vibe. Paint all nails a creamy lavender, or do a French tip with white edges. This manicure is perfect for weddings and formal events.

Sheer Lilac Nails

Lilac is a light purple with hints of pink. Sheer, shiny lilac polish makes nails look naturally polished. Add silver studs on an accent nail for some subtle edge. Keep the rest of the manicure minimalist for a clean and modern style.

Pastel Purple with Gold Accents

Upgrade your pastel purple manicure by painting on some gold foil shapes. Gold geometric designs, dots, or lines pop the pale purple shade. This manicure is both glamorous and artsy.

Lavender Nails with Pearl Accents

Another way to glam up light purple nails is by adding pearls. Place pearls at the base of your nails or on nude glossy tips. The soft purple and white pearls create a pretty, romantic look.

Vibrant Dark Purple Nail Designs

Rich, deep purple nail polish makes a bold statement. Here are stylish ways to wear vampy purple shades:

Dark Amethyst Manicure

Jewel-toned purples like amethyst look amazing on short nails. Paint all nails a shimmery dark purple. For extra sparkle, add silver or gold striping tape. This bold manicure pairs perfectly with cocktail dresses.

Eggplant Nails with Gold Tips

Eggplant nails with gold tips exude luxury. Paint nails a deep purple, then use gold leaf strips to create metallic tips. The contrast makes the purple stand out. This manicure is glamorous yet edgy.

Purple and Black Marble Nails

Marbling purple and black polish creates a mesmerizing effect. Dip a brush in both colors, then lightly swirl together on the nail. The colors bleed into each other for a stone-like look. Leave some nails solid black or purple for balance.

Matte Plum Nails with Glossy Tips

Plum is a reddish purple shade that looks stunning in matte. Paint your nails with matte plum polish, then coat the tips with clear gloss. This modern twist on French tips lets the rich matte color take center stage.

Creative Purple Nail Art Designs

Nail art takes purple manicures to the next level. Here are artistic ways to wear purple nail polish:

Purple Nails with Gold Hearts

Tiny gold hearts look adorable on purple nails. Use a small brush to paint little hearts at the base of your nails. Choose a metallic gold polish that pops against the purple. This manicure is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Purple Nails with White Flowers

Painted flowers create a sweet accent nail. White daisies stand out beautifully against deep purple polish. Keep the flower nail simple, and decorate the rest with silver studs or rhinestones. The contrast between the soft floral nail and edgy studs is eye-catching.

Purple Ombre Nails

Ombre nails gradually fade from dark to light. Apply two shades of purple (like eggplant and lilac) on the nail bed, then gently blend. The ombre effect looks especially pretty on long stiletto nails.

Purple Cat Eye Nails

Give your purple manicure a retro twist with cat eyenails. Use black polish to paint on shiny, edgy cat eyes. Keep the rest of the nails purple for a cool color-blocked look. The cat’s eyes make a striking statement.


A purple manicure looks gorgeous year-round for any occasion. Purple nail polish comes in endless shades and finishes, from pale lavender to deep amethyst. Matte, glitter, sheer, glossy – any purple polish can be the basis for a stylish manicure with creative accents. Use nail art techniques like ombre, marbling, crystals, and foil to take your purple nails to the next level. With so many options, changing your purple manicure for every event and outfit is easy.

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