The 36 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Model for Success in 2023

Looking for a list of the top-rated lifestyle blogs to motivate you to live your best life? 

Have you considered creating your own lifestyle blog? 

Perhaps sharing your special interests and experiences would excite you, but you struggle with start-up nasties like:

  • Writing a lifestyle blog: A how-to (or even start a blog, for that matter) 
  • How to attract a following of devoted followers, or 
  • How to monetize your blog

There are a lot of blogs in this niche on the blogosphere, but only a small number of lifestyle bloggers are dominating it.

Successful lifestyle bloggers undoubtedly employ similar strategies to keep their intended audience interested and entertained.

The success of your blog depends on following their example, so we’ve put together a mega-dose of motivational lifestyle blogs that will help you turn your dreams and ideas into your own successful blog formula.

But first, let’s clarify what a lifestyle blog is.

What is a Lifestyle Blog?

Lifestyle blogs are websites that resemble magazines and share and promote the opinions and experiences of a single person or a community of like-minded individuals.

The lifestyle blog niche’s subject matter spans a broad spectrum of human interests and passions, including (but not limited to):

  • Travel
  • Fitness
  • Luxury Living
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Self Improvement
  • Home Decor & Gardening
  • Relationships & Parenting

Anyone can launch a lifestyle blog, of course. However, why would you?

Is It Time for a Lifestyle Blog?

An exclusive blog platform offers a fantastic forum for you to explore your passions while sharing your distinctive personality with others if you want your thoughts and ideas to be heard.

But hold on. (And there’s more!)

The appeal of lifestyle blogging is enhanced by a second factor.

With lifestyle blogs, you can write about the things and activities you already enjoy while earning some side income.

How Do Lifestyle Blogs Make Money?

A blog can be made money in a variety of inventive ways.

Most frequently, lifestyle blogs generate revenue by featuring brand advertisements that complement and appeal to the lifestyles they promote.

In order to review and recommend products to their readers, lifestyle influencers (bloggers with sizable, engaged audiences) collaborate with brands through sponsor networks (like Activate or Social Fabric). They are paid for their work.

When readers buy products through affiliate links embedded in blog posts, affiliate marketing agreements with specific eCommerce programmes and networks (like ShareASale or Rakuten) enable bloggers to receive sales commissions.

In our featured list, we’ll mention some additional techniques that a lifestyle blogger might use to monetize their website.

Lifestyle Blogs to Follow in 2023

Let’s examine our list of the best lifestyle blog examples to gain some insights into what makes them successful and to expand on your own site’s ideas.

1. Wit & Delight

The Wit & Delight blog’s motto, “Designing a life well-lived,” modestly captures the wide range of practical and intellectual topics discussed. 

This blog, which was founded in 2014 by blogger Kate Arends, has developed into a one-stop resource and manual for women looking to define who they are and how they want to live!

  • Audience: Women in various stages of adulting
  • Topics: Decor, Fashion, Health & Wellness, Relationships & Parenting, Travel & Leisure, Careers, Beauty, Food & Entertaining
  • Monetization: Affiliate marketing, product sponsorship, private label products, courses, coaching, consulting
  • Top Blog Post: 20 Journaling Prompts I Swear by to Get You out of Your Head
  • Instagram: @witanddelight_

2. The Skinny Confidential

The Skinny Confidential, a popular women’s lifestyle blog, expands the boundaries of traditional beauty and wellness topics to inform and amuse readers.

Lauryn Evars Bosstick, a lifestyle blogger and self-described “oversharer,” spills the beans on subjects that more traditional bloggers might view as taboo, such as manscaping, hangover cures, and discussing sex with your children.

  • Audience: Women seeking unfiltered beauty and relationship advice
  • Topics: Beauty, Fitness, Realness (Baby & Relationships)
  • Monetization: Affiliate marketing, books, courses, product sponsorship, private label products, apps
  • Top Blog Post:Alllll about Lymphatic Drainage Massage 
  • Instagram: @theskinnyconfidential

3. Julia Berolzheimer (Gal Meets Glam)

When she was a junior in college more than ten years ago, Julia Berolzheimer launched her fashion website and company. 

Then, last year, she switched from creating her Gal Meets Glam dress line to selecting fashionable items that honour femininity. 

Her “Daily Looks” collection, a beautifully captured record of Julia’s classic style, provides women with sophisticated inspiration.

  • Audience: Women seeking classically feminine fashions
  • Topics: Fashion, Beauty, Home & Garden, Travel
  • Monetization: Affiliate marketing, product collaboration, sponsorship
  • Top Blog Post: 5 Ways to Wear Hunter Boots
  • Instagram: @juliaberolzheimer

4. A Cup of Jo

The path for sharing content for women on the blog of blogger Joanna Goddard was unavoidably paved by her work as a print and blog editor for syndicated magazines. 

One of the first “mom blogs” to openly discuss postpartum depression was A Cup of Jo. The successful relationship between this blog and its extremely engaged community depends on open and honest communication.

  • Audience: Women
  • Topics: Style, Food, Design, Travel, Relationships, Parenthood
  • Monetization: Affiliate marketing, product sponsorship, display ads
  • Top Blog Post:  Gift Guide: Men
  • Instagram: @cupofjo

5. A Beautiful Mess

On their creative lifestyle blog, A Beautiful Mess, sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman encourage their readers to “stay at home and make something” by sharing original decorating and crafting ideas. 

When not creating, the two experiment with hairstyles, beauty advice, and fashion trends, share new recipes, discuss their families, and experiment with other hobbies. Sisterly things!

  • Audience: Creative women
  • Topics: Crafts, Decor, Recipes, Fashion & Beauty, Blogging & Life Advice
  • Monetization: Affiliate marketing, courses, books, online shop, product sponsorship, display ads, photo-editing apps
  • Top Blog Post: Make Your Own Fire Pit in 4 Easy Steps
  • Instagram: @abeautifulmess

6. Amber Fillerup Clark (Barefoot Blonde)

The core of Amber Fillerup Clark’s beauty blog, which also includes posts about life with her hubby and three “littles,” self-care, and hairstyling advice, is glamour. 

Amber’s Instagram followers profit from her motivational beauty posts and the hugely well-liked Barefoot Blonde hair tutorials.

  • Audience: Women, moms, and travel enthusiasts
  • Topics: Motherhood, Beauty & Hair, Fashion, Home Decor, Healthy Lifestyle, Travel
  • Monetization: Affiliate marketing, branded hair products, product sponsorship
  • Top Blog Post: 13 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow
  • Instagram: @amberfillerup

7. The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad, the award-winning travel blog of travel influencer Kiersten Rich (Kiki), features hundreds of destination reviews.

Even devoted homebodies are enthralled by Kiki’s global explorations and professional travel advice. Her goal is to help women “find the confidence to travel the world.” 

Her distinctive “Start Here” site navigational tool also explains how to plan, pack, and get ready for a trip. Genius!

8. Cupcakes and Cashmere

From Emily Schuman’s personal “favourite things” blog from 2008 to a thriving women’s fashion, beauty, and interests lifestyle blog and online store, Cupcakes and Cashmere has undergone a transformation. 

Relevant millennial blog topics, such as wearing yoga pants, making chocolate chip cookies, and travelling with kids, foster a sense of a supportive community.

  • Audience: Millennial women
  • Topics: Fashion, Travel Food, Beauty, Interior Design
  • Monetization: Affiliate marketing, product sponsorship, online shop, display ads, consulting, books
  • Top Blog Post: 5 Tips to Becoming More Photogenic
  • Instagram: @emilyschuman

9. A Girl in Progress

Emma Norris is skilled at getting things done while admitting that perfection is an impossible ideal. 

The “perfectly imperfect” millennial woman is the target audience of her personal growth lifestyle blog, A Girl in Progress. 

Through blog posts, group coaching, in-person events, and curated social media group communities, A Girl in Progress supports her audience in achieving their individual goals, improving their productivity, and upholding accountability.

  • Audience: Millennial women and non-binary folks seeking personal growth guidance.
  • Topics: Self-awareness, Career, Beauty, Relationships
  • Monetization: Affiliate marketing, brand sponsorship, memberships, group coaching, courses, books
  • Top Blog Post: We Tried It: Does Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Actually Work?
  • Instagram: @_agirlinprogress

10. Luxe Digital

Lifestyle blogging is elevated to an epicurean level by Luxe Digital.

This online publication “shakes the status quo” on purpose to “champion a new definition of luxury.” 

You’re invited to read the business section for insider knowledge from reputable sources in the luxury industry that will inspire and empower you. 

Posts about luxury brand collaborations that are insightful and honest make you want to give in to the comforts and indulgences of an ostentatious lifestyle.

  • Audience: Ambitious individuals and affluent consumers
  • Topics: Business, Lifestyle
  • Monetization: Affiliate marketing, product sponsorship, display ads
  • Top Blog Post: The Best Electric Motorcycles to Power Ahead
  • Instagram: @luxedigital

11. He Spoke Style

For “regular guys interested in menswear,” He Spoke Style is a top men’s lifestyle blog that provides a mix of fashion knowledge and inspiration. 

By providing men with “required reading” on important lifestyle topics like cigar lounge etiquette and how to hold a champagne glass, Brian Sacawa serves as your covert sophisticated friend.

  • Audience: Professional men interested in men’s style
  • Topics: Men’s Fashion & Grooming
  • Monetization: Online shop, product sponsorship
  • Top Blog Post: What Does OOTD Mean?
  • Instagram: @hespokestyle

12. Refinery 29

Refinery 29 is a successful lifestyle blog that covers a wide range of popular female interests, from fashion to hot topics in the arts and entertainment industry. 

Additionally, readers appreciate receiving reviews of the newest trends and consumer goods as well as career and financial advice. 

Check out this unique, award-winning website if you enjoy staying current on fashion and lifestyle trends, celebrity exclusives, and other newsworthy events.

13. The Pioneer Woman

Ree Drummond started The Pioneer Woman more than 15 years ago to share recipes and document her way of life on the Drummond Ranch in Oklahoma. 

Ree recently made plans to increase the variety of content they offer by adding shopping and home décor features. 

Her warmth and charm have persuaded people to “be like Ree” as evidenced by the current market success of Pioneer Woman-branded food and home goods.

  • Audience: People into the ranch lifestyle
  • Topics: Food & Cooking, Home & Life, Beauty & Fashion
  • Monetization: Affiliate marketing, branded products, display ads
  • Top Blog Post: My Favorite Turkey Brine
  • Instagram: @thepioneerwoman

14. The Stripe

Grace Atwood, a former social media director, runs the women’s lifestyle website The Stripe, where she offers “a little bit of everything” to encourage the modern woman. 

Short, inspirational book reviews, reading lists, travel suggestions, and DIY project ideas are a blessing to followers. 

The main topics on this website are rounded out by posts about home and healthy living, as well as beauty and fashion trends.

  • Audience: Modern women
  • Topics: Book and travel reviews, DIY projects, beauty and fashion trends
  • Monetization: Affiliate marketing, product sponsorship, online shop
  • Top Blog Post: DIY Turmeric Face Mask
  • Instagram: @graceatwood

15. Advice From a Twenty Something

After graduating from college, Amanda Holstein struggled with feelings of intimidation, so she started Advice From a Twenty Something to inspire women to take advantage of their opportunities. 

Amanda is the host of two of the top lifestyle blogs for women in their thirties, offering advice on career, wellness, and fashion on her brand-new blog and the Thirty Something sister site. 

The twenty-something site’s followers have a rare chance to submit specific queries for her advice column.

  • Audience: Women in their twenties and thirties
  • Topics: Fashion, beauty, home, travel, wellness, career, relationships
  • Monetization: Affiliate marketing, product sponsorship, online shop
  • Top Blog Post: Curling Iron vs. Curling Wand
  • Instagram: @advicefroma20something

16. Camille Styles

Camille Styles, the talented founder of this well-liked lifestyle blog, embodies a reliable, trustworthy source of information for women. 

A Who’s Who group of passionate experts on women’s issues make up Camille’s all-female team of authoritative editors and contributors. 

Women readers depend on comprehensive subject matter that will enhance and enrich their busy lives, regardless of their wellness objectives, homemaking priorities, or entertainment passions.

  • Audience: Women
  • Topics: Entertaining, Food, Design, Style, Travel, Wellness
  • Monetization: Affiliate marketing, display ads, book
  • Top Blog Post: 14 Unexpected Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day
  • Instagram: @camillestyles

17. Corporette

Kat Griffin, a former litigator, realised that working women lacked the time and motivation to put together professional wardrobes. 

Corporette was created in secret to give professional women fashion advice.

The blog quickly developed into an award-winning website for working women, CorporetteMoms, which caters to working mothers and expectant mothers.

18. Downshiftology

On her personal blog, Downshiftology, certified health coach Lisa Bryan writes about her passion for wellness, meal planning, and travel. 

Search her collection of expertly captured recipes with ease by category, ingredient, cuisine preference, or dietary requirement to discover some quick but delightfully tasty dishes to make at home.

Her destination posts and e-book demonstrate that travelling healthily is feasible despite dietary restrictions.

  • Audience: Clean-eating foodies looking for healthy diet-specific recipes and wellness guidance.
  • Topics: Food & Recipes (including Meal Prep), Health & Wellness, Travel
  • Monetization: Affiliate marketing, e-book
  • Top Blog Post: How to Cook Bacon in the Oven
  • Instagram: @downshiftology

19. Gooptary restrictions!

Gwyneth Paltrow’s expansive lifestyle website and Goop empire were inspired by her own passion for health and eco-friendly living. 

Since its debut newsletter in 2008, which included two of the actress’s recipes for healthy foods, the Goop brand has grown to include clean beauty products, curated wellness products, and fashion. 

Blog readers appreciate a variety of in-depth guest posts and topics about women’s lifestyles, such as parenting, sexual health, and sustainable living. 

Goop interacts with its audience through Facebook groups, real-time online book discussions, health summits, podcasts, and the upcoming “The Goop Lab” Netflix series.

  • Audience: Women (and now men) seeking wellness and self-discovery
  • Topics: Beauty, Holistic Wellness, Fashion, Food, Decor, Travel
  • Monetization: Affiliate marketing, display ads, product sponsorship, branded products, courses, online shop, books
  • Top Blog Post: The Medical Medium on the Virtues of Celery Juice
  • Instagram: @goop

20. Rachel Parcell (Pink Peonies)

Rachel Parcell’s blog is a natural extension of her e-commerce website, which sells items from her clothing line, and it showcases her enthusiasm for style, beauty, and a purposeful life. 

Her sophisticated sense of style enlightens and motivates followers with scrumptious recipes, chic home décor, and entertaining ideas to add style to daily life.

  • Audience: Fashion- and style-conscious women
  • Topics: Fashion, Beauty, Home Decor, Fitness, Food
  • Monetization: Branded fashions, brand sponsorship
  • Top Blog Post: Step Inside My Kitchen
  • Instagram: @rachelparcell

More Lifestyle Blogs Worth a Look

  1. Love Taza
  2. Kayla Itsines
  3. Pouted
  4. Akanksha Redhu
  5. Primer Magazine
  6. Quintessence
  7. Superhit Ideas
  8. The Financial Diet
  9. Wellness Mama
  10. Conscious Lifestyle Magazine
  11. Verve Magazine
  12. Alyson Haley
  13. Rank & Style
  14. Say Yes
  15. Swift

How to Start a Lifestyle Blog

Inspired to get your blog started?

Here’s a quick and condensed how-to:

1. Choose Your Niche by Following Your Passions

  • List your personal interests
  • Rate each for profit potential based on the popularity of similar niches

2. Select a Common Monetization Strategy

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertising
  • Sponsored products
  • Online courses

3. Build Your Website With Assistance, If Necessary

  • Select a content management system (we recommend WordPress)
  • Choose a domain name, with hosting
  • Select a snazzy WordPress theme

4. Publish frequently and write

  • Search competing sites for blog post ideas
  • Compose and post better articles on your site
  • Leverage social media to support your blog

Getting Your Lifestyle Blog Online

Are you still up for the task?

Offering readers the information, inspiration, and products they require or want is how many lifestyle bloggers first become successful. 

Take after them! 

Combine your personal interests with topics that will enthral and motivate your audience. Your brand-new lifestyle blog will soon take off alongside other top blogs. 

Your audience will follow you if you model the lifestyle they desire. 

To purchase from you. 

You’ll soon be leading the lifestyle you desire!

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