How To Find UK’s Best International SEO Agency
How To Find UK’s Best International SEO Agency
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How To Find UK’s Best International SEO Agency

When you’re looking to expand your business into international markets, the best international SEO services are what will get you there. But with so many people claiming to offer the absolute top-end services, how do you know who to trust?

Unfortunately, finding a great agency is hard, but there are some ways to cut through the bad to get to the good. 

The primary purpose of this article is to guide businesses looking to expand their online presence to global markets in finding the best international SEO agency in the UK.

People should read this article to:

  1. Understand the different types of agencies that offer international SEO services, such as national, translation, and specialized international SEO agencies.
  2. Learn about the key factors to consider when vetting and evaluating potential international SEO agencies, including their operational processes, use of industry buzzwords, ability to provide tangible results, and pricing models.
  3. Gain insights into the importance of quality control, data-backed strategies, and case studies when assessing an agency’s capabilities for international SEO.
  4. Appreciate the nuances and complexities involved in international SEO, such as multilingual considerations, technical SEO requirements, and link-building strategies tailored to specific regions.
  5. Recognize the value of a reputable and experienced international SEO agency that can guide businesses through expanding their online presence abroad.

There Are Options on The Market

Before you get started, it’s wise to be aware of who is on the market to help you along the way. 

Your National SEO Agency

  • Many people prefer to reach out to their existing SEO agency because they’re trusted, have great results, and you know the people you’re working with. But this may not always be the best choice overall. The reason is that International SEO is a niche part of the industry, and just because an agency can help nationally, it doesn’t always mean they know how to help you abroad. There is also the multilingual aspect to consider also, which leads us neatly to your next option. 

Translation Agency

  • Translation agencies are another option, as they’re experts when it comes to working with languages. This being said, they don’t always provide SEO services, but they can provide you with state-of-the-art multilingual SEO services. This type of SEO is handled more like your content and keywords are translated from one language to another, but it takes more than this to get international SEO right. Things such as technical SEO and link building aren’t included in their standard services. 

International SEO Agency

  • International SEO agencies do exist, but in the UK, they’re few and far between. Most prefer to provide many things instead of just one, but if you can find a great one, this is ideal. They’ll have a team of translators, a technical SEO team, and people who can work on the link building, so it’s everything in one place, with less fuss. 

Look Into the Following When Searching

Now that you know which type of agency may be a good option for you, there has to be some way to vet them so you can know if they’re a good fit, right? Well, on top of asking the usual questions about availability and pricing, there are some more things you should enquire about. 

Know How They Work

  • Start by finding out how the agency operates. Do they have in-house teams for language translations, or do they outsource this to freelancers? If they’re outsourcing, who is managing quality control? This is all-important to check. 

Watch Out for Buzzwords

  • In the world of SEO, there are so many buzzwords. Using too many buzzwords can be a red flag, and some agencies use these to help entice you to buy into their services. The reality is that if you notice too many buzzwords like ‘more profits’ and ‘more clicks, ’ it’s not always the best sign. Instead, look for data-backed strategies and services. 

Look For Tangible Results

  • If you’re vetting an international SEO agency, you need to look for someone who can show you their past work for similar regions you’re interested in. They should have case studies readily available and be more than happy to show off their results. 

International SEO Costs

  • International SEO is specific, and it can be expensive. So look for an agency that has fair prices and will let you take a quality-over-quantity approach to grow overseas slowly, one region at a time. 

If it Sounds Too Good, It Probably Is

If an agency sounds like they’re too perfect, they probably are. The reality is that the best people to work with aren’t always the most flashy or fancy, so don’t fall for the fluff. Look for the people who have the right expertise and background to help you. 

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