Five Celebrity Gym Owners
Five Celebrity Gym Owners

Five Celebrity Gym Owners

Adopting a healthy lifestyle by eating right, exercising more, and getting sufficient sleep leads to a better quality of life. That’s nothing new and has been common knowledge for many years. But did you know hitting the gym at least twice a week is scientifically proven to boost your mood and promote better mental health? The link between an active lifestyle and good health is indisputable, hence a spike in gym registrations and the sale of home workout equipment.

How do you keep fit in today’s fast-moving and often hectic world? Are you just starting your fitness journey and planning to increase your fitness with cardio or build muscle through resistance training? You’d like to join a local sports club and learn boxing, judo, or another combat sport proven to get results fast. You may already be a fitness enthusiast but want to take your journey to the next level, taking on more challenging tasks and pushing yourself to the limit.

Which sports stars do you admire the most? Would you like to train hard, lose weight, and build lean muscle like boxer Floyd Mayweather or UFC star Conor McGregor? You may prefer to lose weight by pounding the streets or running long-distance to shed excess weight. Browse the most famous sports stars in the best California sportsbooks, choose your favorite, and research their training and diet plans to target the same results. 

Replicating the professionals is no mean feat, but it isn’t impossible. Hard work, patience, and dedication will help you reach your goals quickly and safely.

Stars who shine brightest

Those participating in professional sports at the highest level aren’t the only people in great shape, and you’ll find many sources of inspiration in show business. Many global celebrities promote their fitness regimes, with more than a few even releasing workout videos, exercise plans you can do at home, and diets. Some celebrity training regimes are better than others, and it’s worth doing as much research as possible before following a famous name on their fitness journey.

You must find a celebrity with a track record of getting results on their body and helping others achieve their goals. A great way to cut down the pack of focus on the best fitness influencers is to look for those who own gyms. You may be surprised how many celebs run gyms that are open to the public or reserved only for members. Some use gyms to improve their physique while others make their gym and equipment available to all, helping people from all walks of life get fitter faster and longer.

Which celebrities also double as gym owners these days? We have collected a list of the most celebrity gym owners, researched their results, and cut it down to just five names. Those included on this page are successful and are committed to helping their followers achieve their fitness goals. Some names you’ll already know as gym owners from social media, while others may come as a surprise. Let’s dive into the thick of our list.

David Beckham

Former professional soccer player and global icon David Beckham has seamlessly transitioned from the soccer field to the fitness arena. Beckham has capitalized on the rising popularity of unconventional workouts by co-owning the’ Rumble’ chain of boxing-inspired fitness studios. 

Rumble offers high-intensity group boxing classes with a blend of strength training, providing an immersive experience for fitness enthusiasts. Beckham’s involvement in the venture extends beyond mere ownership; his commitment to a disciplined fitness routine inspires Rumble’s clientele.


The Queen of Pop, Madonna, not only dominates the music charts but has also etched her name in the fitness industry with the establishment of ‘Hard Candy Fitness.’ The chain, named after her 2008 album, combines Madonna’s passion for music and fitness, offering a unique and energetic workout experience. 

With locations across the globe, from Berlin to Santiago, Hard Candy Fitness centers provide state-of-the-art equipment, diverse group classes, and a distinctive Madonna touch. The fitness empire mirrors Madonna’s commitment to pushing boundaries and reinventing oneself, a philosophy seamlessly translated into the gym experience.

Mark Wahlberg

Actor, producer, and former rapper Mark Wahlberg has made waves in the fitness industry by owning F45 Training gyms and Performance Inspired Nutrition. F45, a global fitness community, focuses on functional training in a high-energy, team-oriented environment. 

Wahlberg’s hands-on involvement and regular promotion of the F45 workout on his social media platforms contribute to the gym’s popularity. Additionally, his commitment to health extends to Performance Inspired, a line of natural supplements to enhance athletic performance. Wahlberg’s dual ventures reflect his dedication to promoting a holistic approach to fitness and well-being.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow is not just a Hollywood A-lister; she’s also a prominent figure in the wellness industry. Through her lifestyle brand ‘goop,’ Paltrow has expanded her influence into the fitness realm. While not owning traditional gyms, goop offers a wellness-centric approach with fitness guides, at-home workouts, and wellness products. 

Paltrow’s vision emphasizes a holistic lifestyle encompassing mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Beyond Goop, Paltrow has partnered with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson to co-create the fitness streaming platform ‘The Class by Taryn Toomey.’ This collaboration combines Paltrow’s wellness philosophy with Anderson’s expertise, offering subscribers a unique and transformative workout experience.

LeBron James

NBA superstar LeBron James has not only dominated the basketball court but has also ventured into the fitness industry with the establishment of ‘LeBron James Fitness.’ With a focus on promoting an active lifestyle for people of all ages, LeBron’s fitness empire encompasses a range of offerings, including high-performance training facilities, fitness apps, and nutritional programs. 

The fitness centers cater to athletes and enthusiasts, providing cutting-edge equipment and expert trainers. LeBron’s commitment to fitness extends beyond his playing career, showcasing his dedication to inspiring others to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle.

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