Things To Quit Doing For A Good Night’s Rest

Are you tired of a sleepless night? These are 6 things you must stop doing if you want to get a good night’s rest .

These 6 proven tips will help you beat sleeplessness!

Have you ever had another night of sleeplessness? You may be more likely to experience sleeplessness than you realize. Most people ignore signs of insomnia when they see another episode on their favorite T.V. Scroll through social media for an additional hour.

If you can’t sleep, this is a sign that your lifestyle is unhealthy and needs to change. You might think, “I don’t do anything that could lead to sleeplessness.” It is the little things in our daily lives that cause us to drift off to sleep.

Are you curious about their purpose?

Here are six bad habits to avoid if you want to sleep well.

1. Caffeine post 3 PM

A research on caffeine and how it affects sleep has shown that people who took caffeine before sleeping consistently had trouble falling asleep. The study found that those who had taken caffeine before falling asleep experienced a 41-minute reduction in their total sleep time. It also took twice as long to fall asleep than normal. This shows that caffeine not just shortens your sleeping cycle but also delays the induction of sleep. Caffeine after 3 PM is a bad idea. To get a better nights sleep, you need to reduce your coffee intake if you love coffee.

2. Midnight snacking

Midnight snacking is not healthy. It can lead to obesity and irregular blood sugar levels, which can disrupt your sleep schedules. Research shows that your dinner should be served at least three hours before you go to bed. This gives your stomach time to digest your meal and helps you fall asleep.

Your body will focus on the food you just ate, which is often junk food, when you snack during the night. Midnight snacking can disrupt your brain’s ability for sleep and reduce the quality of your deep sleep.

3. Irregular sleeping patterns

Do you have a regular sleeping pattern? You should create one if you don’t already have one. You should not fall asleep every night at random times. This is bad for your health and your sleep quality. It can affect your metabolism and lead to chronic illnesses such as diabetes. It can also affect the quality of your sleep.

Routine helps to maintain your body’s internal rhythm. Your body will crave sleep when it’s time for bed and wake up when it’s time to get up.

4. Long afternoon naps

Even though afternoon naps can be sweet, it’s not a good idea to stay awake for long periods of time in the afternoon. First, it is not advisable to take a nap in afternoon if you feel tired or have a sudden feeling of being sleepy. It is not a good idea to take a nap in the afternoon if you don’t have anything better.

Your internal clock is affected by long afternoon naps. Ideal naps should last between 20-40 min. The longer you sleep, you’ll feel more tired, annoyed, and lazy. You can try alternatives to naps. Simple relaxation and meditation activities can help you regain your energy for the rest of your day.

5. Are you a couch potato?

Sitting on your couch and watching T.V. all day is not going to make your brain or body tired. Your body will not be tired from scrolling through social media. The way sleep works is that you do different activities throughout the day which drain your energy. This causes you to get a good night’s rest.

It is possible to sleep soundly at night if you do not engage in any physical activity during the days. Additionally, obesity can cause other health problems such as diabetes. To get a good night’s rest, you should do physical activities that exhaust you.

6. Taking stress to bed

Taking maximum stress to bed cause sleeplessness

Do you remember the last time that you woke up worried about your presentation tomorrow or an exam tomorrow? Do you feel refreshed when you get up the next morning? Most likely not.

Your brain needs to relax, calm down and stop running from thoughts. Your brain will not fall asleep if you stress before you sleep, regardless of how tired you may be.

Imagine how your day would look if you were constantly stressed before bed each night. Let stress go on your nightstand, and treat it with a fresh mind and body.

These are four easy tips to improve your sleep quality – proven lifestyle changes that will help.

1. Watch your mouth

We don’t mean what you say! Pay attention to what you eat, as it can have an impact on your body’s functions. Healthy, nutritious food is the key to good night’s rest and day sleep. Eat fruits, vegetables, and other foods high in vitamins, minerals, as well as nutrients.

2. Meditation is underrated

Did you ever manage to meditate for several months straight without missing a single day? While everyone knows the benefits and importance of meditation, not everyone can practice it.

We are confident that if you take 10 minutes from your busy day to practice simple meditation exercises, you’ll notice a change in your life.

3. Leave your screens on your nightstand.

You will always stare at screens in darkness, no matter how many times your swear to avoid them before bed. Research has shown that blue light emitted by screens can cause damage to your eyes and disrupt your sleep cycle.

4. Supplements can help!

Supplements can help you get that additional boost you need with lifestyle changes to better your sleep cycle. Now, sleep supplements do not mean sleeping pills! Look for natural supplements that are rich in ayurvedic components.

Ashwagandha and Jatamasi (Indian Valerian Root), are all known to calm the mind, promote sleep-induction, and increase quality and quantity.

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