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We have a secret for anyone who is looking to save hours searching through thousands of makeup products in order to find the best foundation, concealer or lipstick for them Beauty.

One, stop doing the same thing you have been doing. It’s old. I will help you find the right mascara, eyeshadow or matte lipstick for you.

Sadaf is referred to as a universal product catalogue for all types of beauty products: skincare, makeup and tools.  Sadaf is a neutral retailer and beauty brand advocate. She has worked tirelessly to make the beauty world more accessible by translating millions upon millions of product pages, reviews, images, and videos from the internet into easy-to-understand product descriptions for everyday buyers.

Guys and girls can also get advice from other consumers to find out what they think about a product. They can then compare the products side-by-side and choose the skincare and makeup products that best suit their needs while paying the lowest price.  Sadaf invites people to actively and deliberately search for beauty inspiration from others.

I can help you in other ways, too.

I will only need some information about you and your budget. This website will help you find the best skincare and makeup products for you by matching your search results with the most comprehensive beauty catalog in the world. They have gathered worldwide consumer opinions on each skincare and makeup product so that you can discover the truth about what works and what doesn’t. You can compare and contrast real user ratings, reviews, as well as video tutorials, all in one location. You can then find the best beauty products at an affordable price!

How can you tell if these products have been reviewed by real users?

Good question. There are many online review sites that contain fake reviews. Sometimes it’s easy to tell the difference, and other times it’s hard.  Sadaf encourages people to actively seek out beauty in others. Are you looking for answers from someone who has been there? Your skin tone and type will be matched to search results.

Through a supportive, non-judgmental community, users can seek advice and learn from others. The site’s community of makeup lovers and beauty addicts grows daily, with knowledgeable people from all walks of the globe. They are available to assist you in finding and purchasing the best makeup products for every level of makeup artist, from the casual lady to the professional fashion.

For whom is Sadaf most suitable?

Everyone is tired of opening 15 tabs on their browsers, spending hours searching for the right makeup products and saving hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Learn more about Sadaf Beauty:

Sadaf hosts the largest beauty industry catalog, which includes more than 2 million videos and 10 million user reviews. It also has 15 million product images. The company provides a remarkable social shopping experience for both buyers and beauty advocates, catering to the global $100B beauty buying market.

If you or a friend are looking for new products in skincare and makeup, don’t waste time with the old. You should however consider tapping into the power of Sadaf Beauty today and quickly choose from the best products for you from over 50,000 beauty products sourced from over 2,000 top brands.

Sadaf is fast becoming the best way to shop for your beauty products. Enjoy your shopping experience.

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