10 Fashion Trends Will Rule the World in 2021

2021 fshion trends


The ’90s are back in fashion. But we expect this trend to continue. This fall, people will be wearing the staples of the decade from head to foot, instead of using them as accent pieces. Your new baguette bag will look great paired with tall fashion trends for fall 2021, square-toe boots, and maxi-length cardigans. You can also wear a cropped cardigan over a miniskirt, and sneakers with ankle socks. Layer white T-shirts with grungy boots underneath silk slip dresses. You can also wear a plaid shacket over skater jeans, or a cute overall with a polo shirt. If you are unsure, channel Rachel Green.


The transition from summer to autumn usually involves swapping pastels and bright tropical colors for shades of navy, blue, khaki, burgundy, and other moody hues. However, vibrant colors are still king this year with an autumnal twist. Think rich colors like mustard yellow, deep magenta and boosted jewel tones. Mixing and matching unusual combinations like bright blue and peachy orange, or marigold and bubblegum pink, is the best way to achieve this look.


We will forever treasure skinny jeans. But for fall 2021 we recommend looser styles such as mom jeans, flares or bootcuts. For a fun twist, cross-front waists and mom jeans are both very popular. We recommend balancing the extra fabric at the bottom by wearing a slim-fit tee with a tailored blazer, cropped sweater, or elegant blouse.


This Doug Funnie-approved style first appeared in 2020. However, it is still in lifestyle fashion in Fall 2021. These styles are more popular than those made of plain cashmere. You can wear it with no top (except for a bra if you prefer) and loose-fitted jeans while the weather is still warm. Layer your vests with shirtdresses or button-downs, turtlenecks, turtlenecks, and other sweaters as temperatures drop.


This summer we saw wrap-around strings on bare midriffs in the form of bikinis, crop tops and midi dresses. The trend for fall is simpler with skin peeking out between coordinating tops, midi or maxi dresses. You have two options: show off your midriff in a bold way, as Lorde did with Solar Power’s music video. Or keep it subtle by showing a small amount of skin while you’re moving.


There are a lot of new styles in jeans and trousers, including checkerboard, checkerboard, and zebra stripes, as well as pants with punchy florals. These styles are not as lightweight and wide-leg as the summer’s floaty style. They have heavier fabrics such corduroy, wool, denim and wool, and a more tailored fit. You can pair them with vibrant prints, or keep it simple and let them shine under a plain black or white sweater.


Crossbodies can look like puffer coats or intricately woven leather clutches with ruching. Some bags may combine all three. The best thing about this trend is the flexibility you have to choose from a variety of styles. You can carry your laptop in a large bag, or you can use it as a crossbody for weekends. Or you can keep just what you need for a night out with a smaller, more compact version. Monochrome leather is the most fashionable, but you can still wear a nylon clutch or a zebra-print shoulder bag.


Although most shades this fall will be richer and more saturated, there’s also a lot of lavender and pale lilac. This pretty shade was seen on runways across the globe, including Lacoste and Salvatore Ferragamo as well as Jonathan Simkhai, Roksanda, and Salvatore Ferragamo. There are many styles to choose from. You can pick up a few statement pieces like a lavender jacket, wide-leg trousers, or a floaty, midi dress. Then mix and match them to other purple shades or classic basics like jeans and T-shirts.


Flatform espadrilles and ’90s-inspired sandals were one of the top shoe trends this summer, and the elevated styles will definitely carry over into fall and winter. Clogs and heels that look like the ’70s will also be chic options.


We haven’t been out in public for over a year, so we are determined to make it up. Pairing these statement materials with casual basics like a button-down white shirt, raw-hem jeans, or a simple T-shirt is the best way to make them work.

You can think of The Heathers, but with a punk twist. Or Harry Potter for chic adults. This moody trend started with Gen Z on TikTok, but really it works for just about any age or style. Preppy plaids in deep colors of green, navy and burgundy are some of the most distinctive pieces.

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